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Moving to Chicago, IL with a large family

HomeEducationalMoving to Chicago, IL with a large family

Chicago is a very big city and a lot of people already live there. But a lot of people want to move to Chicago, too. And most of them are either young people who want to work on their careers and start families or people who already have families. If you are moving to Chicago alone, you don’t have a lot of things to think about, even if it is a long-distance move. But when you are moving to Chicago with a large family, it becomes a hard task, even if you are moving just a few hours from where you currently live.

This is why I decided to write a simple guide for those of you who are moving to Chicago with a large family. I have also gathered some tips and tricks that will help you make your relocation less stressful no matter how big or small it is.

Inform your family about the relocation in advance

The first thing you have to make sure you do is inform your family members that you are thinking about relocating. If you live with your significant other and children, which is usually the case, this is very important. You and your spouse have surely been discussing relocation for some time. However, it is important that you include your children in this discussion as soon as possible. The moment you are sure that you will be relocating to Chicago, inform everyone in your household, as well as the people around you. Especially if you are moving long-distance.

Start planning everything on time

It is also extremely important that you plan everything regarding this relocation of yours and that you do it all on time. Planning your moving process months in advance is not a bad idea and it is certainly not “doing too much”. You need to have everything under control when moving to Chicago with a large family. The only way to do just that is to have a detailed plan of everything that is related to your relocation process. The more information about the move, the better!

This plan of yours needs to be well-thought-out and easily reachable until your move is over. This is because this plan is going to be the starting point of the whole process as this is the first task you have to do regarding the move. So, write everything down in your phone or a notebook that you are able to easily carry with you.

Make sure you write everything from your new address in Chicago, your rent price, your moving budget, moving dates, and tasks related to the move, such as getting the paperwork ready and buying packing supplies. You might be wondering why it is so important to have everything written down, and I want to tell you exactly that. As moving can be hard and stressful, people tend to forget to do certain things. This plan will keep you up to date on what you have done and what you still have to do.

Incorporating Children’s Opinions

While it’s essential to involve your children in the decision to move, it’s equally important to consider their opinions and concerns. Young ones might have questions and worries about leaving their friends, school, or familiar surroundings. Holding family meetings to discuss their feelings and address their concerns can create a sense of involvement and cooperation. Make them feel like active participants in the decision-making process, helping them adapt more easily to the idea of relocating.

Researching Neighborhoods

Chicago is a city of diverse neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm and character. When moving with a large family, it’s crucial to research and choose a neighborhood that aligns with your family’s needs and lifestyle. Factors like proximity to schools, parks, public transportation, and safety should be considered. Online resources and local community forums can be valuable tools to gather insights and experiences from current residents.

Creating a Family Moving Calendar

In addition to a detailed moving plan, consider creating a family moving calendar. This calendar can include important dates such as school enrollment deadlines, medical checkups, and extracurricular activities sign-ups in your new location. Having a visual timeline can help everyone in the family stay organized and aware of upcoming events, reducing the stress associated with relocating.

Childproofing the New Home

If you have young children, childproofing your new home should be a priority. Ensure that safety measures are in place, such as cabinet locks, outlet covers, and stair gates. Familiarize yourself with the nearest emergency services, pediatricians, and hospitals in the new area. This proactive approach will help you feel more at ease as you settle into your new home, knowing your children’s safety is a top priority.

Hire a reliable moving company

No matter how long or short distance your move is, not hiring movers when moving with a large family is a big mistake. Sadly, a lot of people make this mistake. This is why I decided to tell you a bit more about why hiring professional help is necessary.

Therefore, hiring someone reliable to move you means that you don’t have to think about a lot of things yourself. This means that you can focus on all the tasks that might be more important. Tasks such as packing your home, and loading, and unloading the truck.

If you have children, not hiring movers is what you certainly want to avoid. This means that you will have to find a way to both do all the work on moving day and take care of your children at the same time. And you have to admit that both of these tasks are nowhere near easy.

How to choose a reliable moving company?

A lot of people might not know how to find a moving company that is reliable. This is not a hard task, but you can easily be tricked. There are plenty of moving companies that have a history of scamming people for their money and belongings. These companies should definitely be avoided. So, make sure you check with the people you know whether they know a reliable moving company. Once you do that, you have to do online research. Check the company’s website, social media, and online reviews. These reviews will tell you a lot about a company and the way it works. Hiring reliable movers means reducing moving stress.  And even if you don’t have a lot of big and bulky things to move because you decided to rent a nice and clean unit where you will store them, hiring movers is a great idea.

Declutter and pack your household on time

As you are moving to Chicago with a large family, you probably own a lot of things. And you don’t need all the things that you own, especially if moving to a different climate. Leaving some items behind is also going to make your move less expensive. So, if you are on a budget, you have to make sure that you declutter your home while you are packing. This is why you have to start packing your home for relocation on time.

Starting your packing process a couple of days before the official moving day is not a good idea. It is best to start two weeks before moving day. This will give you both enough time to get everything cleaned, packed, and ready and to get some rest from it all. This is the best way to go if moving to a new part of the country. Packing your home for a move is the hardest thing if you are moving with a large family with small children.

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