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10 Simple Tips to Make Relocation Easier

HomeInsights10 Simple Tips to Make Relocation Easier

One move is equal to several fires, and preparing in advance help you make your move faster and easier.

As a rule, moving is associated with a joyful event. For example, you got your own apartment, or you are leaving for permanent residence in the city of your dreams.

But if everything is planned and prepared in advance, everything will pass quickly, clearly, and even bring pleasure.

 In this blog, you will explore the 10 simple tips to make relocation easier.

1. Stock up on packing materials. Cardboard boxes, trash bags, grocery and travel bags, stretch film and bubble film, polystyrene foam, wrapping paper, adhesive tape, and paper tape in order to glue it on bags and make inscriptions on them.

Mandatory – a black marker to sign boxes and bags. It is good to transport household appliances in their “native” boxes if they are preserved. It is convenient to use large containers made of transparent plastic because you can see what is inside.

2. Get loose! Moving is the best time to ask yourself if you need this jacket in which you went for mushrooms five years ago and have not taken since then, this package of pancake flour, this bag of beans, this bedside table that you stumble over in dark hallway, this service, presented for a wedding fifteen years ago.

You can certainly sell something, give something to friends, give something to charity. Don’t take it to a new place!

3. Make an important list – of what you will need for the first day or two in a new place. These will be the last boxes or bags to be packed and the first to be unpacked. Dishes for the family, outerwear, outdoor shoes, one or two sets of outdoor and indoor clothing, linen, slippers, cleansers, bath/shower, hair dryer, towels, bed linen, children’s toys, bowl, tray, cat food, and litter, everyday first aid kit, some household chemicals.

Those documents that are important to keep with you at all times, let them go not in things but in your personal bags or backpacks – usually, this is a passport, compulsory medical insurance policy, driver’s license, or some important work passes. Also – with you – take laptops and chargers for them and phones.   

4. When packing, do not forget to sign boxes and bags; ideally, make lists of what is in each of them and stick them on the outside with paper tape. This will make it quicker and easier to sort things out.

5. If drawers pull out completely, do not disassemble them. Just rewind the film and take it like that. Unless, of course, there is something very fragile.   

6. Spread the move over several days if the situation allows. Transport things in small batches and immediately unpack them in a new place.

Psychologically, this is much easier than being surrounded by a million boxes stacked on top of each other and trying to remember where the frying pan could be.

7. Pack the most unnecessary items first. Unless, of course, they are not subject to decluttering at all.

8. When packing things in boxes or bags, try to ensure that the total weight of the box or bag does not exceed 20 kilograms.

This will make it easier for both the movers and you when you have to move everything you brought. Look at the characteristics of the box and how much weight it can withstand. Otherwise, the bottom of the box may fall out at the most inopportune moment.

9. Do not forget to measure the height of the ceilings and the parameters of the openings in a new place (and it would be nice to do it yourself) so that furniture transportation does not become an obstacle in the truest sense of the word.

10. If you are transporting disassembled furniture, carefully collect the accessories in a bag, label them and stick them with adhesive tape on the piece of furniture to which the accessories belong.

Your relocation will be made easier and faster with the support of packers and movers in your locality.

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Niranjan Pande
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