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How Running Can Help You Progress in Your Fitness Plan

HomeWellnessHow Running Can Help You Progress in Your Fitness Plan

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and will keep you feeling your best. It is important to find a type of exercise you love so you can do it long-term. Running is a great form of training that can help you progress in your fitness plan by improving your heart health, keeping weight off, and improving endurance and stamina.

Improve Your Heart Health

Any running, whether long, short, or infrequent, can help your heart health. The way that running helps your heart is that it elevates your heart rate. Your heart is a muscle, and just like other muscles in your body, you can train it to become better over time. 

When you get your heart rate elevated, it adapts and becomes better able to handle future stressors placed on it. As a result, you will also have increased blood circulation and blood volume.

Keep Weight Off

Running has the benefit of helping you keep weight off. Because it elevates your heart rate and works the other muscles in your body, it helps you to expend calories. Having a balance of calories burned throughout your day and not exceeding that in what you eat will help you maintain a healthy weight. 

Because running also works your muscles, it can lead to a higher overall calorie burn throughout the day since muscle is metabolically active. Maintaining a healthy weight will help you avoid diseases like liver disease, among many others.

Improved Endurance and Stamina

Endurance is your ability to do work for a sustained period. This will help you to do more exercise. Improved endurance will not only help you in your fitness goals but will also help in your daily life because your muscles will be able to work longer. As you incorporate more running into your fitness programming, you are training your aerobic system and increasing the capacity of your heart, lungs, and muscles to be able to do work for longer. 

Varying the intensities of your running can also help you increase your V02 max, which is a measure of fitness. Running is a great addition to your fitness plan because of its many benefits and ability to increase your fitness. 

There is no one right way to add it, so you can do what works best for you. Just remember to start slow to avoid injury.

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