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Should You Buy Dental Insurance?

HomeInsightsShould You Buy Dental Insurance?

Do you have dental insurance? If not, you may wonder if it’s worth purchasing, especially if you take good care of your teeth. The answer isn’t always the same for everyone, so it’s worth considering carefully. So what are some of the things you should consider when deciding whether or not to purchase dental insurance?

What It Costs

It’s easy to think of dental insurance as an unnecessary expense, especially if your teeth are healthy and you’re diligent about your oral health. If you only ever need a biannual exam and cleaning, paying for dental insurance may be unnecessary. If you have a family, however, you may find that paying for dental insurance is more affordable than paying for every appointment and procedure out of pocket. 

The average cost of dental insurance provided through employers ranges between $14-$30.50 per month for an individual and $27-$56 per month for a family. Those who pay for private dental insurance can expect to pay around $15 per month more. Do some calculations and weigh what you’d pay in premiums and deductibles against what you’d pay if you chose to pay for dental care out of pocket.

What Dental Insurance Covers

Not all dental insurance policies are created equal, both in terms of price and what they cover. Still, there are some general rules you can usually count on. Dental coverage kicks in as long as the treatment is medically necessary. Most policies will cover preventative care like x-rays, exams, and cleanings. Both basic and major procedures may also be partially covered. 

Some plans may cover orthodontic treatments as well. Some procedures, such as sealants or fluoride treatments, may not be covered by insurance. Carefully read any policy you consider so you know specifically what is or isn’t covered by that policy.

Options If You Don’t Buy Insurance

Dentist offices know that not everyone chooses to carry dental insurance. They still want dental care to be affordable for people, however, which is why many of them will offer in-office financing options and payment plans. They may offer special family discounts for those who use the same dentist for the whole family. See if there’s a dental school in your area. One of the benefits of using a dental school for treatments is that they often offer care at lower prices. You can also look for deals and coupons for exams and cleanings.

Deciding whether or not to buy dental insurance essentially boils down to determining what the most fiscally responsible option is. The whole point of dental insurance is to make dental care more affordable. If that isn’t a problem for you, buying dental insurance may not be the right choice for you. If affording dental care is a concern, dental insurance is worth considering. Reevaluate your circumstances regularly so you know you’re making the right choice at any given point.

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