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Awesome Book, ‘The 3 Mistakes of My Life’

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Chetan Bhagat, the great Indian author brought out his third fiction which is ‘The 3 Mistakes of my life’ in the year 2008.

The 3 Mistakes of My Life

His other books include Five Point Someone, One Night at the Call Center, 2 States:

The story of my marriage, Revolution 2020, what young India wants and half girlfriend.

The 3 Mistakes of My Life’ is based on the story of three friends namely Govind, Ishaan, and Omi.

The role of Govind is that of a Gujarati who feels himself as a big businessman and always thinks of starting a cricket shop.

Ishaan on the other side is crazy about cricket and is very good at that game.

Omi is a religious person who is associated with the temple rituals.

Vidya is the younger sister of Ishaan who has a love relationship with Govind during his tuition classes.

The story is narrated by Govind and the 3 mistakes that he explains in the book are given below:

  1. He makes a big investment in a shopping mall which later gets shattered by an earthquake.
  2. He has a physical relationship with Ishaan’s sister Vidya.
  3. His selfishness led to Ali’s wrist damage.

The book is very interesting to read and easy to understand. You may read for relaxation and career comfort. Well narrated with the key ingredients of emotion and storyline.

Here’s a review highlighting some aspects:

Positive Aspects:

  1. Realistic Setting:
    • The novel is set in a realistic backdrop, incorporating real events that had a significant impact on India. This adds depth to the narrative and helps connect the story to the social and political realities of the time.
  2. Youthful Themes:
    • “3 Mistakes of My Life” explores themes of friendship, love, ambition, and societal expectations, making it relatable to a younger audience. Bhagat effectively captures the struggles and aspirations of the characters as they navigate through the challenges of adolescence.
  3. Easy Reading Style:
    • Chetan Bhagat is known for his straightforward and accessible writing style. The book is easy to read, making it popular among readers who may not typically engage with complex narratives.


  1. Stereotypical Characters:
    • One common criticism is that the characters in the novel can be seen as stereotypical and lack depth. They often conform to conventional roles and may not resonate with readers seeking more nuanced and multifaceted portrayals.
  2. Predictable Plot:
    • Some readers find the plot to be formulaic and predictable, with elements that follow a typical Bollywood storyline. The narrative structure and certain plot twists may not offer much surprise for those familiar with the genre.
  3. Lack of Emotional Depth:
    • While the novel deals with significant events and issues, some critics argue that it falls short of capturing the emotional depth required to make a lasting impact. The emotional arcs of the characters might feel rushed or not fully explored.

Overall Impression:

“3 Mistakes of My Life” has garnered both praise and criticism. It appeals to readers who enjoy straightforward storytelling with a focus on contemporary themes. However, those looking for more complex character development and intricate plotlines may find it lacking. The novel’s popularity lies in its ability to connect with a broad audience, especially those who appreciate a blend of entertainment and social commentary in a relatable setting. Ultimately, opinions on the book may vary based on individual reading preferences and expectations.

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Panchal C A
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