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How do I learn web designing at home during Covid-19

HomeEducationalHow do I learn web designing at home during Covid-19

Who would have known that wearing masks in public and staying at home for months would be the new normal? The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world by its knees and its impact has been global. Human life, in every field, has been affected by the spread of the deadly virus. Although we know that these are not normal times, we cannot let life stop. Even though the future seems uncertain at this moment and every business industry has been greatly affected by the pandemic, the field of designing and web development is still thriving.

Web designing and development is something that is done on computers. With the human work module shifting to online platforms and “work from home” structures, Learning web design and development is becoming a career choice for many. People with the creative problem-solving aptitude and relevant knowledge in the field are opting for web designing careers in recent times.

Web Design in the times of Corona

Although there are several web design courses and degrees that you can pursue, if you really want to be a web designer, you can learn web designing courses online and become a competent designer. But for that, not only do you need to set some goals and work with a plan, but you also need to gather a substantial amount of technical knowledge with a positive and aggressive attitude to excel in the field.

In this article, we have covered some of the key aspects that you need to pay attention to, to perfectly learn web designing sitting in the comfort of your home. But before we move into the areas of specialisations and how you can learn web designing online, there are a few points that you need to keep in mind to excel in the field.

  • Read, read and read: It is the key to gathering all important and relevant information available online about web designing.
  • Think in HTML: Go through tutorials and train your mind to visualise everything about designing in the HTML format.
  • Master the codes: Opt for reputable website designing courses online from established website design training institutes to know all about the various languages like HTML & CSS, Python, Java, SQL, Ruby, and many more.
  • In-depth CSS knowledge
  • Don’t forget to apply and test your skills to know if your techniques and strategies are working or not.
  • Follow the websites you love and get inspiration from their web design strategies and techniques. Check into the factors like navigation, images and use of space, typography, designing structure, color gradients and animation effects.
  • Improve your sketching skills
  • Learn the basics of SEO
  • Stay updated about all the latest technological trends in the market.
  • Join a designing community on social media or other platforms to gain various tips and tricks about website design.

Taking online website designing classes

There are several online courses available for website designing. You can sign up with any of these local online learning hubs and get access to the best online web designing courses and tutorials. No matter how much self-study you do, you need some mentoring and formal training, especially with the various languages and designing strategies.

If you want to learn website designing courses online from your home during COVID-19, personal improvement is as important as taking online classes. While there are options of free web design training and courses online, you can also choose paid online training courses offered by various online web design and development training institutes. Pick a suitable course based on your current skillset and learning capabilities and make progress steadily!

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