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The Most Comfortable Therapeutic Cold Wrap Ever!

HomeWellnessThe Most Comfortable Therapeutic Cold Wrap Ever!

There are two kinds of therapeutic ice packs leading the market today – tight-fitting, elastic secured sports wraps designed for treating muscle and joint injuries, and clinical vinyl freezer bags, the likes of which we’ve all seen in a school nurse’s office. There is no doubt that these ice packs are effective in treating pain and swelling, but they certainly aren’t comfortable or easy to use in our day to day lives!

Elastic secured cold wraps fit tightly over shoulders and knees, limiting our movements and making us feel stiff, while vinyl ice bags are often too cold to the touch and require frequent readjustment to keep the ice treatment where it’s needed. For the at-home treatment of migraines, jaw pain, and hot flashes, these cold wraps just aren’t practical, but thankfully they aren’t the only option! Huggaroo, the expert family health and wellness company behind the famous Huggaroo weighted blanket, has developed a functional Therapeutic Cold Wrap that is comfortable, unrestricted, and one hundred percent home remedy friendly!

Whether you’ve been using mom’s swear-by-it method of frozen peas wrapped in a dishtowel or a specially made gel freezer pack to soothe muscle swelling and tired eyes, you’re certainly familiar with the struggle of balancing the ice pack to insulation ratio.

Wrap a frozen pack up too thickly and none of the relieving cold will make it to your puffy skin; but go without the wrapping and you’ll find yourself with numb, pink flushed skin. It can be a real hassle trying to find that sweet spot between too cold and ineffective, but with a Huggaroo therapeutic cold wrap, you’ll never have to worry about it again!

Every Huggaroo cold compress product is designed with a freezer-safe, ultra-plush outer cover that feels wonderful against bare skin and still lets the cold come through. The 100% polyester Minky fabric in each wearable wrap is the same super soft and comfortable fabric Huggaroo chooses for their popular weighted blankets, designed with maximum comfort in mind! Best of all, these plush covers are sewn in place in both the Huggaroo Headache Wrap and Ice Wrap and the NEW Huggaroo Neck and Shoulder Microwavable Heating Pad / Cold Compress (Unscented), so there’s no fussing, shifting, or adjusting needed!

Each Huggaroo therapeutic cold wrap is made to be worn, providing hands-free cooling relief wherever you need it. With the NEW Huggaroo Neck and Shoulder Microwavable Heating Pad / Cold Compress (Unscented), you can even carry out your daily tasks, whether it be working at your desk or preparing dinner, all while enjoying the cool relief of a cold compress.

The wrap is fitted to drape across your shoulders and self-balance there, with a Velcro secure in the front to keep it comfortably in place without limiting your movements. The short-term cooling effects of this neck and shoulder wrap are ideal for tackling hot flashes and nausea before they have the chance to interrupt your day.

Meanwhile, for longer-lasting aches and pains such as migraines, puffy or tired eyes, joint or lower back pain, and jaw or toothaches, the versatile Huggaroo Headache Wrap and Ice Wrap is the perfect fit. This adjustable cold therapy wrap is filled with 9 long-lasting, flexible gel ice packs, each sewn into place for an even distribution of relief.

You can wrap it around your face, your jaw, or your joints to treat knee pain, and the wrap can also be lain flat to press against the lower back or draped across a bad shoulder. All the while you’re left unrestricted and comfortable, ready to relax and get on with all the important things you have to do.

So don’t let aches and pains hold you back from living your life! Turn to Huggaroo, and discover the better way to cool off!

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