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How to Create a Fun Reputation as a Wedding Photographer

HomeBusinessHow to Create a Fun Reputation as a Wedding Photographer

When people choose a wedding photographer, they are making a big commitment. It takes a high level of trust to rely on one person or team to capture such a special day. Couples are typically looking for someone they are comfortable with, so creating a fun reputation will help potential future clients warm up to you. 

Shoot Unconventional Weddings

When you first get in contact with new potential clients, you should make it clear that you are willing to shoot in unconventional locations or angles. You can also tell them about past unconventional weddings you have shot and show them sample photos that you have. 

This will let them know that you are up for anything and can work with them to make a creative, memorable shoot that will stand out from all other wedding photos. If your clients are having an unconventional wedding, you should utilize and play up unique features of the location in your photography. These features may include unconventional vehicles, themed decorations, or stunning architecture.

Take Interesting Shots

The thing that will set you apart from other wedding photographers is what you can do for couples that others can’t. Each photographer is different and has a unique eye for shots. Don’t just stick to basic, static shots. You can take more interesting shots by adding movement, playing with settings to get different effects, and using unconventional angles. 

Other shots that couples generally love are any pictures with their beloved pets. Make sure that you are comfortable around animals and have some experience with them before trying to shoot with them. Cats are generally harder to work with when capturing wedding photos.

Improve Your Online Presence

If you don’t already have a photography website, you should make one immediately. In addition to having great online galleries, you should also include links to other galleries in many places throughout your website. This will help potential clients see your diversity in work and get a better sense of your style. 

Having a fun reputation and showing it through your work is a great start. However, if you want clients to truly love you and your work, you also need to make a real connection with them. You shouldn’t just take fun photos; you should be a fun photographer to work with. Let clients know that you love your work and you love capturing their special day creatively. 

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