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How to Hire Solar Panel Providers: Everything You Need to Know

HomeEducationalHow to Hire Solar Panel Providers: Everything You Need to Know

Solar panel providers have helped thousands of homes and businesses become sustainable over the past decade. But how do you decide on the best provider for your needs?

Do you know how to find the perfect solar panel provider for your needs? Solar panel installation and financing can be tricky. Finding a company that fits your needs can be difficult at best. Thus, it’s important to know what to look for.

Here’s a quick rundown on what to look for when you hire solar panel providers.

Get Recommendations

You should always start by asking for recommendations from people you trust. Talk to family and friends who have gone solar. Ask them who their installer was, if they would use them again, and if they could recommend any additional installers.

Ask for References

It’s important to do your research and ask for references. Requesting references from a prospective provider is an important step in the process of researching options for solar providers. A trustworthy provider should provide past customers for review, allowing you to get a better idea of their experience before making a decision.

It’s recommended you ask for references from multiple providers to gain an understanding of the quality of service that each provider offers. Upon receiving references, it’s important to take the time to contact them.

Ask relevant questions to gain insight into the project start-up and completion times, quality of work, and the overall solar installation experience. With thorough research and getting in contact with customers for references, you’ll have the necessary criteria to pick the right solar panel provider for you.

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List Your Requirements 

When it comes to hiring solar panel providers, knowing what is needed ahead of time can be very helpful. Starting, list all the requirements your project needs.

Consider things such as the size of the roof, the roof’s age, and the type of roof you have if you need extra material. Also, whether or not you will need additional setup fees or warranties.

Prepare Your Documents

Before you start your search, make sure to prepare your documents. Start by gathering some basic information about your home or business, such as utility bills, roof size, and shading. If you’re considering solar for business, you should also know the size and electrical load which your equipment requires.

Finding out applicable local and state codes and zoning ordinances is also important. You can use this to gain an understanding of the permitting and installation procedures for solar panel providers.

Consulting with a certified solar professional can also help you ensure that all relevant considerations will be addressed. Once you have all of the necessary documents, research, and information, you can start the process of selecting a provider. 

Check Their Credentials and Experience

It is also important to check their credentials and experience. Not all solar panel providers are the same, so it is essential to have an understanding of the qualifications a provider needs to have. Such as certifications or licenses, education or training, and knowledge of local permits and zoning laws.

Make sure to do a bit of research on the provider to determine if they have any certifications and are members of any solar energy trade associations. Be sure to research contractors through the Better Business Bureau or other reliable sources.

You should always inquire about their past projects and if they have worked on solar projects similar to yours. Reading online reviews of customers’ experiences to receive an unbiased assessment and determine which provider is best suited to your individual needs. 

Compare Pricing and Services

One of the most important tasks you must undertake is to compare pricing and services. This can be done using an online tool that allows you to easily compare multiple providers based on price and services offered. By performing an extensive search, you can get an accurate picture of what kind of system each provider can offer.

Comparing solar installation costs along with the provider’s solar plan and warranty. When comparing, you should ask for detailed information from each one. Such as what kind of cells will be used, the type of inverters, and the price per watt of energy produced.

Understand the Coverage of the Contracts 

Make sure to read through the contract carefully and ask questions if anything isn’t clear. Ask about the warranty coverage period, which could be two to ten years, and what it covers. Make sure to discuss the service contract, which covers any on-site services and the availability of any replacement parts.

The contract must include verbiage on the transfer of ownership rights and obligations if you ever sell or transfer the system. Thoroughly read the coverage of the contract so there is no confusion and remember to ask questions if anything is unclear.

Check Insurance

You should check that they have suitable insurance to protect you in case of certain risks that could be associated with their work. Ask for a copy of their insurance certificate. If they are unwilling to show it to you, it likely means they don’t have enough insurance for the job.

Make sure the coverages on their policy match your needs. Ensure that the provider is financially responsible and can pay out a claim in the case of an incident.

Evaluate Customer Service Policies and Procedures

Be sure to evaluate their customer service policies and procedures as part of your search process. This includes knowing what customer service options are available, and the response and repair timeframes.

Verify that the provider offers customer support during regular business hours. Check any fees associated with customer service are reasonable.

You can also check how they work and the values of the company. Consider the benefits you can get like it’s a way to save the environment.

Inquire About Financial Incentives and Tax Credits

They should be knowledgeable about applicable incentives for their products. Incentives such as tax credits, net metering policies, and utility incentives.

They can provide information about financing options and maintenance services. Customers should also research available state and utility administration and rebates. 

Hire Solar Panel Providers

It is important to thoroughly research all of your options when you hire solar panel providers. By doing your due diligence and following the tips outlined above, you can be sure you’re getting the best, most responsible, and most cost-efficient provider.

Get started on your search today- you can save money and help the environment!

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