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Top 7 Importance Of An Innovative Workspace

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With more and more people launching their start-ups each year, the demand for managed office spaces has increased drastically. But before we move any further, let’s understand what exactly a managed office is. Managed offices are empty office spaces that can be tailored according to the needs and requirements of the occupant. Thus, it gives a lot of freedom to the occupant to design their dream workspace and see their vision come to life. 

Even though managed offices are great for budding entrepreneurs, designing and visualizing the space can be a challenging task. But worry not, the team of experts at DevX will help you design the perfect workspace with their innovative ideas and technology. In addition to this, our team at DevX also helps you curate the best office on rent in your desired location. So in case, you’re looking for the best office on rent with managed office space then DevX is your best bet!

Now, that you have finalized your office on rent and have found the perfect workspace for your company the biggest question that arises is how will you make your workspace accessible, interactive, and of course innovative. Now you may ask, why innovative, well, just having an office at a prime location is not enough. Your workspace should have an element of innovation for various reasons. Following is a list of the top 7 importance of an innovative workspace.

  1. Induces creativity
  2. Increases brand loyalty
  3. Attracts top talents 
  4. Easy accessibility of the workspace
  5. Inspiring interiors
  6. Provides personality to your brand
  7. Increase employee performance

Induces creativity

Creativity is one of the most important elements of every business regardless of the sector or niche. Creativity is the driving force for a successful business and believe it or not, the design and set-up of your workspace have a massive impact on the creativity of the employees. Creativity comes with comfort and innovative interiors, a great way to implement this is by making your workspace employee-friendly and providing optimal comfort to every individual working in the office. In addition to this, the incorporation of discussion rooms and workspace libraries will further provide your employees with the perfect creative space and the inspiration they need to show their true potential.

Increases brand loyalty

Another major importance of having an innovative and appealing workspace is that it increases brand loyalty. Indeed, a successful business model and its execution is usually the deciding factor when it comes to customer-brand relationships, however, an innovative workspace will provide a sense of trust within your customers and increase your brand value. The perfect design of the managed office space will ensure a  smoother functioning of the company and thus your employees will be able to cater to the needs of your customers with minimal stress and distraction.

 Attracts top talents

The secret to a successful business is the collection of strong assets and these assets in the world of start-ups are employees with great potential. Hiring the right person for the right job is crucial for a successful business, and how do we do that, well, one way is by standing out of the crowd, not only in terms of business strategy but also in terms of workspace design. The interiors of your managed office space should leave a lasting impression on the minds of these top talents thus driving them to join your company.

Easy accessibility of the workspace

This point has been vaguely mentioned in the previous points, from which we can understand that making your workspace easily accessible for all is extremely important for the smooth functioning of all the work. Thus while selecting an office on rent make sure you are paying close attention to the location of the workspace, the area covered, parking slots, availability of lifts, and so on. Keeping these things in mind will make your company stand out and will also make it more accessible to your employees.

Inspiring interiors

Top companies like Google are known for their attractive and innovative interiors. It is so talked about that it has become one of the most appealing factors of their brand. So, with this I’m pretty sure you’ve understood the importance of having an innovative workspace, but, it does not end here. Earlier we mentioned that an innovative workspace generates creativity and this innovative creativity is reflected by inspiring interiors. The designs and colors chosen are not only there to appeal to the eye but its there to inspire employees to look at the bigger picture and think out of the box. 

Certain workspace corners inspired by nature are a great example of how just by the selection of the right design, lighting, and space, one can induce creativity in their workplace.

Provides personality to your brand

Like in the example of Google, we saw that the company’s outstanding interiors and employee-friendly environment have become a part of their brand value. Google has now gained attention because of how appealing its workspace is and how well it has been designed to cater to the needs of the employees working there. Thus it has built a brand reputation and has also developed a brand personality. Your goal should be the same. Having a strong brand personality attracts more customers since they easily build trust with your company giving the uniqueness of your brand. Thus, you need to reflect the same in the design and interior of your managed office space. The design should reflect your company’s vision and should portray your company’s personality. 

Increase employee performance

The backbone of any business organization is the efficiency of its employees and that can be achieved with an innovative workspace. As unrelated as this sounds, innovative workspace plays a huge role when it comes to increasing employee performance. When we talk about employee performance we are not just talking about individual performance, but we are emphasizing teamwork, group discussions, and conference meetings and for the efficient conduct of these activities, well-equipped and well-designed discussion corners and conference rooms are extremely important. This will further encourage your employees to work in a well-coordinated manner and thus implement the ideology of teamwork in your company. Teamwork is the key to a good workplace environment which will in turn increase employee performance.

In addition to all the above-mentioned points, having an innovative workspace all-in-all has an array of advantages that will turn out to be a game-changing aspect of your brand.

Wrapping up

Business models, strategic planning, and focusing on brand loyalty are all the given factors that every company focuses upon, but the workspace design and layout of the managed office space are not discussed that often, even though it plays a very important role in the contribution of a successful business. Now that you know the various importance of having an innovative workspace I’m pretty sure that the next time you pick your office to rent you would keep all these factors in mind and in case of professional help and guidance the DevX team is always there for your rescue!

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