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Indoor and Outdoor Winter Activities to Keep Your Kids Active

HomeInsightsIndoor and Outdoor Winter Activities to Keep Your Kids Active

When the temperature goes down, children barely get to enjoy any physical activity. The onset of winter can often lead to increased laziness among a child. Your child would only want to sit inside, watch TV, use the phone, or eat some snacks.

Even if you have an active child, winters can create a challenge for you as a parent. It might get a little difficult to keep your child engaged and moving. But many indoor and outdoor play options can help your child stay active during the cold chilly months.

A] Indoor Activities For Kids

Keeping your child engaged in physical activities offers several benefits. For example, they stay physically fit and develop a better immune system. Indulging kids in activities they enjoy in these months also helps in creating a positive mood for them.

indoor activity

1. Art and craft

Art and craft provide you with countless possibilities. You can encourage your child to paint the canvas based on winter themes.

It’s a great way to get through the winter holidays without getting bored. If you engage your child in art and craft, you can also help them hone their artistic skills.

2. Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Winter months can often be boring but you can always make these months interesting for your child.

You can create an engaging and interesting scavenger hunt in which you hide several clues and treasures throughout your home. This indoor activity will make your child move so that he stays indulged both physically and mentally.

3. Baking And Cooking

If you are looking to hone the skills of your child, you can try baking and cooking. These activities help your child learn how to cook something delicious.

If your child complains a lot of boredom. Take them to the kitchen with you. Ask them to assist you in preparing some healthy food for winter.

4. Board Games And Puzzles

Board games and puzzles are a perfect way to enjoy indoors. These games help your child develop his critical thinking habits and also enhance his problem-solving skills.

You can enjoy these board games with not only your kids, but you can have your whole family engaged in such indoor activities. It’s a great way to spend some quality time with your family on cold winter evenings.

5. Storytelling And Reading

Another indoor activity that your child will love is storytelling or reading. You can bring them their favourite books or read them stories to engage their minds. Create a cosy reading space for your child with comfortable seating, cushions, etc., so that they love spending time in such a place.

If you want to enhance the imaginative thinking of your kid, you can ask them to build stories of their own.

B] Outdoor Activities For Kids

Just because it’s snowing outside, it doesn’t mean that you should lock your child indoors.

Apart from indulging them in some indoor activities, you should also try to bring them outdoors so that they can enjoy the weather. They’ll also be able to keep themselves more physically active if they go out for the below-mentioned outdoor activities.

outdoor activity

1. Snow Sports

Take your kids out for snow sports and give them some adrenaline rush. There are many types of activities that your kids will enjoy. These include- skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating.

Keep a consistent routine for your child to engage in these activities. If they play these snow sports regularly, they might even become pro at them!

2. Nature Walks

There’s nothing better than reconnecting with nature. All kids today spend most of their time on their phones and barely go out.

So, it’s a great way to help them cherish the beauty of nature. Taking your kids out for nature walks is great also because there’s something so beautiful about the winter days. 

3. Building Snow Structure

You should enjoy every season with enthusiasm. Surely, winter months make you feel really cold and you most definitely do not want to step out of your house. But be a little courageous and get the most out of the season with your kids.

Building snow structures is a winter tradition that you shouldn’t let go of. This winter activity is fun and an excellent workout for you and your kids.

As you encourage your kids to build a snowman or different structures with the help of their imagination, you’ll also be able to uncover a creative side of them.

4. Winter Picnics

You must have gone on a lot of summer or spring picnics. But have you ever tried going out with your kids on a winter picnic? If not, you must try it since your kids might end up loving spending time outdoors.

You can pack some hot cocoa and sandwiches and visit a nearby park for a short picnic. If your kids are in for a little more adventure, you can also take them on a short hike to any place that’s close to your home so that you can spend more time outdoors with your kids.

This way, your kids will get a chance to go out and get some fresh air. After all, winter months can often make them feel like they’ve been caged since they have to stay indoors most of the time.


Winters can often feel overwhelming for any kid. The thought of staying indoors and feeling bored can get to them. Your kids might experience a decline in their creativity and physical activity during the winter months.

However, winter doesn’t have to be sedentary for your kid. There are many indoor and outdoor activities that you can enjoy with your kids during the cold months. You can incorporate a mix of both these activities to keep your child active throughout these months.

These indoor and outdoor activities will keep your kid active and healthy and also reduce their screen time. But whenever you’re taking your child out for any outdoor activity, make sure you dress them well to manage the cold conditions. Get them proper snow or hiking boots and warm clothing for outdoor activities. Also, make sure you check the weather guidelines before you venture out.

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