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Business Property Maintenance: 6 Cost-Effective Tips

HomeBusinessBusiness Property Maintenance: 6 Cost-Effective Tips

When it comes to business properties, securing an affordable lease or rent is not where your worries end. As a tenant, your job is to also think about the property’s upkeep, maintenance, and operational costs. And all of that can be pretty costly.

For example, the operational costs which include the cost of heating, cooling, and lighting are some of the most expensive. Especially since the costs of some of these utilities are so unpredictable.

This is why you need to find cost-effective ways to maintain your business property.  

Create a maintenance and repair plan

As an owner of a business, you need to have a main plan and a backup plan for everything. This includes having a plan for maintenance and repair. 

A plan of this kind will help you manage your finances and anticipate future maintenance and repair costs. 

Additionally, creating a maintenance and repair plan can also help you keep your business operational while the scheduled maintenance happens. This means that there won’t be any unpredictable downtimes and you won’t lose your money.

By creating a plan such as this, your property will be serviced and maintained regularly which is a huge benefit. When creating and scheduling a maintenance and repair plan, in addition to electrical and plumbing systems also consider HVAC systems, ventilation systems, security systems, infrastructure, pest control, building code adherence, deep cleaning, and upgrades and replacements, among other things.  

Hire professionals to maintain the property

Trying to handle the property maintenance yourself is the biggest mistake you can make. By doing this, you will spend unnecessary time and energy, and in the end, you’ll wish you called the professionals. 

That’s why our advice is to skip all the headaches and hire the professionals right away. The ideal solution would be to work with contracts rather than to hire a new company every time you need certain services. 

You can hire a property cleaning service, choose one of their cleaning plans, and sign a contract. There are numerous benefits to outsourcing property cleaning to professional cleaners. They can ensure that your property is regularly cleaned with proper supplies and equipment. 

For you, this means that you don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of the space. You also don’t have to spend money on all the cleaning tools and equipment.

Most cleaning companies bring their high-quality supplies, tools, and equipment. For example, they have a high-quality Dyson vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter that purifies the air. That means you get a clean space and air and you don’t have to worry about Dyson replacement battery or replacement HEPA filters.

Invest in maintenance management systems

A great way to keep track of everything related to property management is to invest in maintenance management systems. This system or software can help you keep a record of maintenance and repair scheduling times, maintenance needs, preventative maintenance schedules, budgeting for maintenance, and so on.

Maintaining a property isn’t easy and with so much information to keep track of, having a management system can be helpful. A good system can also remind you when you need to schedule the next preventative maintenance. This means that there is little chance of you forgetting to do this. The automated system also means fewer chances of errors.

Schedule preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance is crucial if you don’t want to lose money and time. If you neglect preventative maintenance of your business property, any potential issues can turn into huge problems. Problems that can be expensive and time-consuming.

That’s why scheduling preventative maintenance can be beneficial. You can prevent any issues before they even happen. Checking for issues from time to time is also a good option, but planning for and scheduling preventative maintenance is an even better solution.

For example, you can schedule professional inspections of heating and cooling systems once a year. These yearly inspections can help you avoid costly repairs.

Additionally, you can schedule regular preventative inspections of elevators, and escalators in the building. Professionals can also help you inspect other systems in your business property. Ventilation systems, security systems, and infrastructure to name a few.

In addition to ensuring that all systems on the property function well, you can have preventative pest control. A technician from pest control service will come on a set schedule basis and treat your property with substances that prevent pests from infesting in the first place.

Conduct regular upgrades

Hand in hand with preventative maintenance go regular upgrades. All your property systems need to be regularly upgraded. Right now, that may seem like too huge of an expense to regularly upgrade systems, but it’s pretty cost-saving.

A great example are security and safety systems of your property. If you hire a team that will ensure that all your security systems are up-to-date, your business property can benefit from this.

If your systems are constantly up-to-date with new technologies and features, you will hardly ever need to maintain and repair them. But in case, the systems still need maintenance, the costs of this will be significantly lower than if you had to maintain an old version of the security system.

Track maintenance expenses

Another cost-effective tip when it comes to business property maintenance includes tracking maintenance expenses. You can do this yourself with the help of a maintenance management system or you can hire a property manager.

A property manager will help you with both the financial and operational aspects of your business. They can help you create a financial plan for maintenance and repairs. This way you won’t risk spending more than necessary on property maintenance.

Keeping track of maintenance expenses can also help you with business expenses at the end of the year. This information can help you adjust the finances for the next year if necessary.


Maintaining your business property the right way is a huge job. You need to worry about everything from the physical structure of the property to many different property systems. And all of that is pretty expensive. Hopefully, these 6 cost-effective tips can help you cut down on some maintenance expenses.  

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