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Formula for your business: Website + SEO = Growth

Home Info graphics Formula for your business: Website + SEO = Growth

Having an online presence now is a necessary step for businesses to grow and a website alone is not enough since it will not appear on page one of the search engine result pages by itself. Landing on the first page is vital for a business website since most people will only visit the sites found on page one.

Businesses must invest in search engine optimization to ensure that their sites will rank high and be visible to their target customers. Relying on a reliable NJ SEO company allows businesses to get their websites on the first page after continuously implementing the digital marketing strategy. The top brands already populate the first pages, and it will take time to reach their rankings.

The first page is vital for websites since most Google searchers do not visit many more pages to find what they want. It is even rare for people to check the second page now since the first page usually already displays what people are looking for.

Businesses can rely on an SEO website design company to ensure that they have an engaging website and an effective SEO campaign to compete with other brands. Search engine optimization takes time to produce results since the campaign involves regular content postings.

For more information on having a website and SEO, see this infographic by Landau Consulting.

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Stephan Landau
Stephan Landau
Stephan Landau has over 30 years of experience in technology as a practitioner and writer. An accomplished software developer and IT director in many industries such as consumer goods, supply chain management, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing, Mr. Landau founded Landau Consulting LLC, a technology services consulting firm. Landau Consulting LLC provides complete IT services, web development, online marketing, and data management services for businesses ranging from one employee to thousands. He can be reached at

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