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The Art of Mixing and Matching: Creating Versatile Men’s Outfits

HomeInsightsThe Art of Mixing and Matching: Creating Versatile Men's Outfits

Today, fashion is all about versatility. As long as you can mix and match your outfits, you can look exceptionally fashionable. Undeniably, men have plenty of options when it comes to fashion. But most men stock the usual black and gray colors in their wardrobe because they are not aware of the art of mixing and matching. 

Mixing and matching makes you look more versatile. With different kinds and colors of clothing, you will be able to create different looks. But there is a hack to mixing and matching – You need to make an effective combination that looks appealing to the eyes. Let’s look at how you can create versatile men’s outfits. 

How To Mix And Match Men’s Outfits?

You cannot put on your favorite blazer on any trouser and call it a favorable combination. Your clothing choices can set a perception about you in people’s minds. So, if you want to create a style statement, let’s help you out with a few tips. 

1. Keep A Few Wardrobe Staples 

As a fashionable man, you will be able to create versatile outfits only when you have some essential pieces in your wardrobe. There are a few wardrobe staples that you can easily pair up with most clothes. 

The below-mentioned are a few basics that are important for any man’s wardrobe. 

  1. A well-fitted plain white shirt. 
  2. A classic denim jeans. 
  3. A tailored blazer
  4. A versatile pair of shoes

You might not be able to work out a good outfit most of the time. It usually happens because you stock up a lot of non-essential pieces in your wardrobe. When your wardrobe is full of such pieces, you might feel like you have nothing to wear. However, if you invest in these quality staples, you will always be able to find just the right outfit for any occasion. 

2. Understand The Color Combinations

Black, blue, and gray aren’t the only colors a man can wear. There are many different colors you can style for your outfit every day. You just need to understand how color combinations work. This knowledge will help you put on a versatile outfit every day. 

Complementary and analogous colors can make your outfit look visually appealing. These colors make you look interesting.  

Apart from having a few basic items in your wardrobe, you can also have colors such as light pink, red, olive green, purple, beige, etc. These colors are easier to pair with classic denim and white shirts. In fact, if you put on a white shirt and beige pants, you will end up creating the best formal pant-shirt combination.

3. Buy Clothes With Stripes And Patterns

A versatile wardrobe should also contain clothes with stripes and patterns. Buy some shirts or blazers to add a layer of sophistication to your style. If you learn to balance stripes, checks, and other patterns, you can easily create a harmonious look for your outfit. Such an outfit will easily catch the attention of others without looking too overwhelming. 

4. Accessorize

The worst mistake you could make while styling your outfit is to underestimate the power of accessorizing. Accessorizing will help your fit speak volumes for you. The most basic accessory that you need to stock is the socks. Keep sober-colored socks in your wardrobe. You can easily pair subtle colors with most of the colors. 

Apart from socks, you should invest in good-quality men’s watches. A nice watch will add a personal touch to your look that will set you apart from others. 

As part of accessories, ties and pocket squares also work like a secret weapon in helping you build a versatile outfit. However, there is one thing you must remember while accessorizing – don’t overdo it. Limit yourself to only two to three beautiful accessories to keep it simple yet appealing. 

5. Make Leather A Part Of Your Dress Up

Leather looks classy. It should be an integral part of men’s wardrobe. Leather can be real and synthetic. It does not matter what kind of leather you are buying. The only thing you need to be careful about is choosing good quality leather. Invest in a nice leather jacket that you can wear on any occasion. 

Pair up the leather jacket with a good belt. Wear a nice pair of formal shoes with a leather jacket. However, make sure that your entire outfit has the same color tone so that nothing about your fit looks bizarre. 

What To Avoid While Mixing And Matching?

There is a fine line between trying to look good and overdoing everything. Overdoing everything will only make you look strange. While you must experiment, make sure that you are not over-accessorizing. Also, you should try to avoid wearing mismatched patterns. When you choose a pattern to wear, try to stick with it for a while. It will help you in creating a style for yourself.

While mixing and matching, make sure that you avoid making color combinations that act as an eye sore. There’s another thing you need to remember – don’t mix dressing items that have different levels of formality. For example, try to avoid wearing a blazer with ripped denim jeans. Instead, you can wear a sports jacket with your ripped jeans. 


Styling is not just about wearing clothes. It is more about showing your fashion sense through what you wear. As long as you can mix and match items in your wardrobe, you can easily create a statement about your style. These tips about mixing and matching will allow you to stand out with the best outfit on any occasion. 

The best way to create a versatile wardrobe is to invest in a few basic clothes. Of course, you can always experiment with non-basic clothing items. However, make sure that you make the right color combinations and choose the right pair of accessories. While styling your outfit, always remember that your fashion is all about how you wear your clothes.

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