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Are You Aware? High Water Consumption is Harmful among People

HomeWellnessAre You Aware? High Water Consumption is Harmful among People

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You must have heard everyone giving you the advice to drink more water every day, but do you know that drinking excess water can have the adverse effect on your health?

High water consumption

Many researchers have found that even though consuming the adequate amount of water every day is a necessity, having the excess of it can be very dangerous.

According to the researchers, the family people who are more prone to this danger are the athletes.

Drinking too much water during activities like running, exercising etc. has claimed the lives of many sports persons. In scientific term, it is known as EAH or exercise-associated hyponatremia.

The major reason behind this condition is that the sodium which is naturally produced in the body is not able to handle the excess water which makes it difficult for the kidneys to handle. Pristine Water delivers better-tasting, clean, safe water that helps families in many ways.

This can prove to be fatal in many cases and in some cases can lead to swelling of the cells.

If you have a habit of drinking large amount of water in short interval of time, then it is for the best that you change your habit as this will only increase the pressure on your kidneys and your kidneys won’t be able to eradicate the excess amount of water up to level which can be considered as safe.

This poses a risk to our blood vessels and heart as they can’t keep up with the increased volume. Consuming the amount of water more than what our heart and kidneys can handle can prove to be fatal and can have many repercussions.

For an average individual, no symptom of such danger can be observed and in a long run can prove to be very dangerous for their health. In athletes, it can be more easily observed by looking at symptoms such as dizziness, weight gain, nausea, and lightheaded.

It is important to understand that we should regard our sense of thirst. Only consume water when it is necessary . Rather than having a large amount of water because it is considered good for our health.


  • Drinking adequate water enhances the level of family members metabolism.
  • Help to stay hydrated.
  • It also helps in maintain healthy skin.
  • Also proves to be beneficial during weight loss.
  • It can also minimize the family member problems of constipation.


  • Can lead to exercise-associated hyponatremia.
  • Also, results in frequent urination.
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Rashi Kishore
Rashi Kishore
Rashi Kishore is a resident of Patna which is situated in Bihar, India. She is a Civil Engineer by profession. Her passion for writing has prompted her to contribute interesting reviews in the website. Her hobbies include reading, writing stories, poems and watching television series.


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