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Top 6 Stylish Chairs For Your Salon

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Salons are meant for the ultimate pampering of the self, and hence comfort is an absolute must. The variety of a salon visit lies in the comfort and if you find the salon chair not-worthy, would you visit the place again? Well, for most, the answer is a big NO! Hence, the need of the hour is a chair that shall be stylish and comfortable as well. This blog will put an end to your queries, here we have some of the best stylish salon chairs listed for you. Let’s delve deeper!

1. Pedicure Chairs

Clients love to be seated in extreme comfort while resting their feet for the expert to work on them for a pedicure. For salons, having a pedicure chair is quintessential to enhance the overall value of the unit. A type of pedicure chairs has massage airbags that offer double sensations of the pedicure and massage. Another type is the no plumbing pedicure chair which comes with footbaths. 

2. Hairdressing Chairs

Hairdressing chairs are supposed to be immensely adjustable due to the nature of the service. It should have smooth hydraulic lockable pumps and a padded seat for comfort. As haircuts often take more than 30 minutes, it is recommended to have a footrest to further add to the comfort of the client.

3. Manicure Chairs

For manicures, the client, as well as the expert, need to be constantly on the move so that every inch of the nails and hands are attended. Having a leather seat with a stainless steel frame will add to the aesthetics of the parlour. Hydraulic locks and an adjustable at the chair’s hand rest will further to the ease of the expert and comfort of the client.

4. Barber Chairs

Barber chairs are the ones that fill your salon and hence they should always be extremely stylish and comfortable. It is advised that you keep such beauty salon furniture that matches your salon’s interiors. While a footrest is a must, you need to ensure that extendable headrest is added to these chairs.

There are quite a number of variations when it comes to barber chairs.

  • Heavy Duty

This type of barber chairs is quite bulky with cushioning materials. These are expensive and durable.

  • Electric

In this chair, there is electric control for movement of the customer’s position. It can be adjusted vertically and can turn 360 degrees. 

  • Reclined

A reclined barber chair provides great comfort to the customer. It has soft upholstery at the back, leg-rest and footrest. This can also turn 360 degrees and can be adjusted to different angles.

  • Hydraulic

Hydraulic chairs facilitate proper repositioning of the customer into different angles by the hairdresser. It has a pedal and the barber can step on it to adjust the height of the chair.

  • Swivel

Made from the steel frame, the swivel chair is the most expensive among the list. It can also be turned 360 degrees and offer both comfort and safety to the stylist and the client.

5. Massage Chairs

The duty of a personal masseur is done brilliantly by these massage chairs! They add immense value to your salon and also make it a spa for people. These are huge so make sure that you have enough space to accommodate them in your salon. It should have a carry case so that clients can keep their belongings. 

Also, you can check out portable massage chairs if you are running out of space!

6. Facial chair

The first and foremost requirement for such chairs is to be able to recline them. For facials, the clients would prefer to be reclining and enjoying the process rather than being seated upright. Keep in mind that the most comfortable chairs are needed for facials to help the experts move around freely and spend much of the time offering the best service. 

An uncomfortable chair will only make your client lose patience faster!

Wrapping Up 

With so many types of stylish chairs in the market for your salon, you must get the proper ones that will offer a comfortable and satisfactory experience to your clients. In the writeup, we have discussed the kinds of chairs based on their functionalities. These six kinds of chairs are quite common and must-haves in the salons. Before purchasing any salon furniture, ensure that it matches the aesthetics of your beauty hub.

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