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15 Highest Ranked Family Review Websites

HomeWellness15 Highest Ranked Family Review Websites

Do you take informed decision before making a purchase? Now-a-days deciding which phone to buy or which movie to watch can be done in just a click by reading the reviews on several websites regarding the product.

Top review websites

These review sites are of great help while choosing the best option for us and give us various insights just by sitting at home. So let’s talk about the ‘15 highest ranked websites in the world on reviews’

1)    Amazon:-

Probably Amazon is one of the earliest websites to allow its users to post reviews of their products and also the most famous website.

If you are confused about buying any product and want to purchase the item after knowing all the pros and cons, then reading product reviews on Amazon is the best way to go.

2)    Yelp :-

Yelp is a popular website which helps to review any business. This website is not only advantageous for the consumer but is also helpful to the businessman in promoting the family business and gaining popularity.

3)    Angie’s List:-

Angie’s List is another review website for businesses and also a very trusted one because an individual needs to create a paid account to post reviews on this website.

This helps to eradicate the problems of fake and wrong reviews.

4) :-

One of the most popular and dominant review website in the field of travel, airline, hotels, restaurants etc. TripAdvisor can prove to be very helpful when planning a tour or while visiting new places.

5)    Google My Business:-

Another popular review website for family businesses, Google My Business is a handy way to increase the popularity of a business as well as get genuine reviews and details about a business.

6)    HomeAdvisor:-

If you are searching for some help regarding anything in your house ranging from repairs to plumbing, this website is the best option for you. It helps to find the business offering these services within your area and also the reviews about them.

7)    Foursquare:-

If you are looking for a good place to dine out, foursquare is the best option to decide which restaurant to go. It manages to find the restaurants having great reviews as well as special offers.

8)    Guardian:-

The in-depth and smartly written reviews are a must-read for any family movie-goers.

9)    Zomato:-

This is another great website to know about the best places and restaurants to dine in locally and help to find the ratings of various restaurants in your area.

10)    IMDB:-

Any movie lovers know and follow the IMDB ratings and this is the best way to get the feedback of any movie from the audience itself.

11)    Choice:-

If you are a citizen of Australia and want to get a genuine review about a product, Choice website is the best option for you. This website tests the products itself before giving any reviews and also allows other users to post their reviews about any product.

12)    BBB:-

BBB accreditation is another trusted rating to decide which business or brands to choose. Although they don’t take into account the reviews posted by the customers, they are still considered to be very trustful by the family users.

13)    Which?

This is another great website to know about the pros and cons of a product before purchasing them. This website doesn’t accept the reviews by the users and the reviews are written by their own people.

14)    Glassdoor:-

This is a review website which helps any user to have an in-depth knowledge about a company. The reviews can be written by anyone and this site is very beneficial for companies to have a good reputation.

15)    Facebook Ratings and Reviews:-

Along with being a very popular social media website, Facebook can also be employed for reviewing and rating a product or a business.


  • The review sites can prove to be the best form of advertisement any business or product can get.
  • It also helps the products and family businesses to improve based on the criticism and improvements posted on these review sites.
  • These review sites also help to build a closer relationship with the customers.
  • It also helps the consumers decide the best product or services based on the reviews by the other users.
  • Review websites are also the best way to build a trust among the customers for a product or service.


  • Sometimes even a few negative reviews about a product or business can lead to a decrease in its credibility.
  • Family Review websites need to be managed on a frequent basis as old reviews hardly carry any appeal or weight.

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Rashi Kishore
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