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20 Hunting Tips And Tricks You Should Know

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Deer hunting isn’t just a hobby, to some people, it’s a profession. There is much more to hunting than just aiming and shooting at your target. From controlling your scent to scouting and planning which site to hunt.

Here are some of the greatest hunting tips you should know.

Scout for the Best Location

Although some people may argue that the hunting equipment is the most important aspect of hunting, your hunting gear may be useless if you don’t have access to a place with the right size of deer you’re after.

Avoid Hunting When the Wind Isn’t Right

This is always a tough call for many hunters. As long as the wind is blowing your scent into the area where the deer is likely to appear, it will always defeat you. Consider planning your stand setups to your advantage.

Switch Stands Often or Leave them until the Timing is Right

Keep in mind that the best opportunity you have to kill that deer is the first or second sit in that area or stand. Switching between stands from time to time will boost your chances of killing the deer.

Scout More than You Hunt

Start your planning early. Identify the food sources, old rub, and deer trails. Set up several trail cameras on various food plots and monitor the deer. Typically, the best hunters spend more time on scouting and planning and only 30% of their time on honing their hunting skills.

Pressure Matters

Mature deer won’t put up with too much pressure before they vanish. The less human pressure and intrusion on a property, the more deer you’ll see. Keep this in mind when finding places to hunt.

Implement What You Already Know

It’s ironic that so many hunters always know what to do, but they fail to apply the techniques when hunting. Don’t be afraid to use the information in your head.

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Hunt all Day

Patience Pays

This is connected to hunting all day. Although sitting for hours isn’t fun, calling it quits before the big deer come your way won’t help you in any way. Sometimes, scouting can alleviate you of some the sitting

Never Stop Shooting

This is one of the biggest mistakes committed by the firearm deer hunters. Practice all year to improve our shooting skills. Typically, the more you shoot the better shooter you become.

Splurge on Optics

Don’t think twice when it comes to acquiring the best optical equipment since it’s all you need to spot your target. Money spent on optics is money well spent. Research and shop for the best equipment on the market.

Go Natural

Mature bucks are always wary of commercial structures that have been set up for several weeks before the hunting season. Instead of using commercial materials, consider constructing your stand from natural materials found in the location.

Your Bow is Still Useful

Don’t forget your bow yet. It will be useful in the early morning or evening as the mature bucks return to their bedding areas after a long day.

Avoid Rushing Your Rattlers

Being impatient is one the biggest mistakes committed by the would-be rattlers. If you know that you’re calling while hunting, always gives it some time before moving. The best deer are wary, and it will come in cautiously.

hunting deer

Take Advantage of the Moon

Typically, the most intense ruts occur when the first-quarter of the moon appears at the start of November. Be sure to hunt all day during this period. When the moon becomes full, start looking for the bucks from about 9 a.m.

Hunt the Edge

Hang your stand near a thick field corner where the big boys always pop and be patient. It’s the little bucks that will appear first and if a mature buck doesn’t show up in the evening, then maybe tomorrow evening.

Hunt the Ridge

The colder and frostier the sunrise, the more excited bucks you will see on a scrape-laced ridge move until noon, so sit tight and wait. Thick and freshly ripped rubs show that your target is working on the ridge Try a little rattling but don’t overdo it.

Work with Experts

Always contact your local biologist for the best deer foods in your locality. Outside the breeding season, your best chance to kill a deer is from downwind of a hot food source.

Don’t Be Shy

Bucks are roaming all day. This is the time of the year you need to get aggressive with your calling since you know that there is a bigger chance to hit your target. Don’t be concerned about overcalling since it’s almost impossible to do that at this time of the hunting season.

Go Slow

Move slowly and stay put long enough when still-hunting. Consider using your watch as a guide. Decide on a period to stay still such as seven minutes. This will force you to remain quiet and silent for a minimum amount of time.

Don’t Hesitate to Move to Areas You See a lot of Deer Activity

A surprise awaits you if you sneak into the area, set-up your stand and hunt right on the spot. It works, and you’ll never regret it.

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