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Why is everyone talking about Digital Marketing?

HomeContent MarketingWhy is everyone talking about Digital Marketing?

It is nothing new that we are surrounded by technology and living in the “digital world”. We are been witnesses of a generation that relies on the internet for everything and anything. It is obvious that in a world like this, where even simple grocery shopping can be done online, with a simple click, traditional marketing and traditional ways of selling are dying bit by bit.

Digital marketing is growing fast and becoming extremely important in the business environment, because technology has made it easier fro companies to interact with their customers in real time.

Digital marketing is much more affordable than traditional marketing. Of course this is a main reason for its popularity. Who doesn’t like something good and cheap, that will bring you satisfaction and even better results than the more expensive version of it?

It is as simple as the fact that an email or social media campaign will be seen by a much wider audience, rapidly giving results and at a fraction of the cost of a billboard or TV advertisement for example.

Some people might ask themselves, why go digital if my traditional campaign is working perfectly? Well the answer is simple: because with digital marketing you will reach more clients, partners and definitely future ROI at a lower cost.

If you are willing to take a little time to learn the basics of it and reach to the experts on the area, such as a good SEO consultant, you could greatly increase popularity and be put ahead of the competition with a few simple and affordable digital marketing techniques.

Finally, like with anything in life, in order to be successful, you need to have clear goals and expectations, to know which is the best path to take to meet the results you want. In order to do this you need to respond to some specific questions:

1. Target Audience:

Before starting anything, you need to have a very clear idea of who you are selling to. It is better to have proper demographics in who are you focusing on. For example a local farmer should focus on what are the nutrition trends around his town and how to spread the word about his products.

2. Metrics:

You will need to keep track of your campaigns progress, therefore your success day by day. With some key metrics you will be able to see where to improve and what to keep doing to stay on a good path to your goals.

3. When to expect results:


Many entrepreneurs make changes to their marketing strategies ay earlier than they should, because they do not see good results right away. You need to give marketing efforts the necessary amount of time to work properly and have a good impact on your audience.

 4. Your website:

 If you think digital, act digital. Having a good website can be a huge factor in the success of your campaign. It is essential to understand that your website will be the first impression any costumer, business partner or investor will have of your business. Making it an exact representation of your business is a key factor for success.

5. Social Media:

 Of course social media is a major player in this area. Email and social media are free platforms where you can reach your target audience and possible business partners directly and more personally.

Social media marketing is increasing its popularity day by day and should not be forgotten when talking about digital marketing, in fact it should be one of the first thoughts to come to your mind.

Influences have become the new way of making your product or service popular to the young public and it has been proven to have a huge effect on sales at a very low cost. They help you connect with your online target audience, by putting your business out there to be seen and hopefully well judged.

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