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Anti-blast Container: What Is It?

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Anti-blast container: What is it?

Ensuring your, your staff’s and the public’s safety is important if you work in an industry that’s potentially dangerous. People often aren’t clear on what an anti-blast container is, so we’re going to explain it in some detail in this blog post.

So, what is an anti-blast container, where would you need one, what types are available and how does it protect everybody? We answer all 4 questions in this blog post!

What is an anti-blast container?

So, it ensures your safety, your staff’s safety and the public’s safety. It’s great for industries that are potentially dangerous to those working within and around it. So, what is an anti-blast container?

An anti-blast container – which are also regularly known as Ultrablast resistant buildings or blast resistant buildings – is basically a building that’s virtually bomb-proof. This assures safety when working with hazardous materials or working in potentially dangerous conditions.

Whilst it is important for protecting your staff, it’s also important for protecting those who might not be involved in the proceedings such as passers-by.

With all of the explosions and accidents that you see on the news, far too often with tragic conclusions, the cruciality of an anti-blast container to make sure that you and your staff are safe has never been more obvious than it is now.

It’s obvious why having an anti-blast container is important – it protects your staff. This container will instil a sense of comfort in your staff as they will be able to rest – or work, of course – assured that they’re always safe as they go about their day.

Where do you need this type of container?

There’s multiple scenarios where owning and using an anti-blast container is imperative.

If your workplace is on a location where potentially dangerous work such as maintenance and demolitions is an everyday task, you need to make sure that you have at least one of these blast resistant containers. The exact amount that you’ll need does depend on the size of your workforce who work at the location.

In the unfortunate scenario of a mistake or an accident in a dangerous environment or situation, this type of container will mean that are safe from something which has potential to threaten their lives.

What types are available?

There’s lots of customisation when it comes to anti-blast containers. You aren’t tied down to any certain internal or external layout, as long as blast resistance is ensured. For example, you can have one anti-blast facility or multiple joined together. This guarantees that the resulting construction is best suited to your requirements.

Some manufacturers will accept exact measurements from you if that’s what you require; you can give the exact measurements that you need, and they’ll construct it for you. This means that no matter your specific needs, you can make sure that everybody is safe.

How does it protect everybody?

If the situation where you required protection ever occurred, you’re kept safe in multiple ways.

This inimitable system is low maintenance and contains no moving parts.

Also, the radiant heat protection means that any heat externally will be kept at bay. For example, if something outside container was emanating dangerous amounts of heat, you and any staff would be protected by the container.

This article was written by Jack Mitchell with useful information from Thurston Group. Jack loves reading, films and thr great outdoors.

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