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7 Things we should be teaching children today to build a healthy society tomorrow

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Most of us recognize the need to teach children right values today that would help in developing and constituting a healthy society tomorrow. But how do we teach them?


The best way to persuade honesty in your child is to be a truthful person yourself. Keep in mind that your child takes cues from you, so it’s imperative that you try to keep away from any kind of dishonesty, even an apparently harmless one.

If there’s a difference between what you say and do, your children are just going to disregard what you told them. But if your actions are consistent with your words, then your point is going to be reinforced.

So if you show honesty in your conduct and they talk about it, your children will be tempted to become honest. Never portray dishonesty in front of your children, for instance, say something like “Let’s not tell your brother we got chocolate this morning.”

Always try to be honest with others and your child will learn this from you. When you are truthful with others, your child will be showcasing the same in the society tomorrow as well.

2.Social Justice

To build a society in which individuals receive impartial treatment regardless of their gender, religion, race, or, income level and have equal access to resources, social justice plays a significant role.

Try to enable conversations about these issues and empower children to raise their concern and questions regarding unfair situations in the lives of those around them or in their own lives.

To help children learn social justice and scrutinize systemic inequality, you must teach them to consider questions such as “Who is getting the benefits and who is suffering”? “Who has the power to make decisions and who is being left out”? “Why is a provided regulation fair or unfair?”

Through answering these questions, children can begin to identify existing social injustices and that will help them develop a justified and healthy society.


The strength of mind and determination is a value that you teach children from a very young age. One of the easiest means to do so is by keeping away from unnecessary praise and by presenting children with truthful feedback, conveyed in a calm, helpful manner.

Another great way to assist children in developing the determination is to ask them performing things that don’t come effortlessly and to admire them for their initiative.

For instance, if your child is shy, gently give confidence to him to approach other children on the playground, even if it makes him feel nervous.

Try to praise children when they deal with things that are not easy for them. Also, encourage them to take on different challenges that would make them show their strong determination.

4.Share Experiences

We think about a lot of different experiences from time to time that educated us some priceless lessons in our past life. To teach children valuable lessons of life, you can always look back at your past and transfer your significant experiences to the children.

Be enthusiastic to share some of those stories with your children that demonstrate how you made preferences that were consistent with better values.

You might pass on children your experience about a time when you took stand for your beliefs rather than going along with the crowd, made friendship with schoolmate whom everyone else was making fun of, turned in a misplaced wallet rather than keeping it for yourself, or worked extremely hard to accomplish a particular goal.

When you tell each of your experience, explain why it was such a moral dilemma, how you concluded to make the decision you did, and how everything turned out.

These stories will teach and ingrain great values and morals in the children that will ensure a better society tomorrow.


According to Ailen, a custom writer, your children may get themselves into various kinds of trouble every now and then. They might perform poorly on the school test or violate school rules or even shatter the neighbor’s windowpane while playing baseball.

You may be enticed to rush in the school and ask the principal to take away the detention, or by paying the damages for the broken window in terms of monetary value yourself.

But you shouldn’t do these things because if you save your children every time they make a mistake, they won’t take accountability for their deeds. They need to know the fact that bad choices result in objectionable outcomes.

So every time your children make a blunder, try to engage them with sobriety and talk with them the negative consequences which may occur due to their mistakes. Ask them to accept and own the blunders they make and take the responsibility for each action.

When your children begin to hold themselves accountable, they will learn from their mistakes and never repeat them again.


To build a healthy society tomorrow, we must teach children today that being part of a family and a community involves accepting responsibilities.

Children must learn that when each of us acts as a responsible person, our families and communities will be stronger. To teach responsibility, make agreements with your children and expect them to follow through.

When things go wrong, help out your children take responsibility for their part and make a plan to do things in a different way next time. Encourage your children and teach them that being responsible means being reliable, keeping promises and honoring our commitments.

Teach them that being responsible is all about accepting the effects of what we say and do.


In the of Alex Mike, Senior essay writer Canada, for building a healthy society tomorrow, teaching our children today to become a better citizen is quite important.

We must teach children that being a good citizen means doing the betterment of society and making the positive contribution to the community. If children participate in programs related to community service then they will learn the value of serving others and it will bring a powerful influence on their positive character development.

To make your children a good citizen, take your child with you when you vote and talk to him about the candidates, participate in community-building activities, such as cleaning up playgrounds and doing volunteer activities in schools.

Author, Annie Brianne is the professional writer and lead editor of Assignment Help.

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Annie Brianne
Annie Brianne
Annie Brianne is the professional writer and lead editor of Assignment Help. She is always keen on writing for the issues related to the learning and development of children’s mind. The child psychology is Sabrina’s one of favorite topics and she loves to write about it for various publications around the world.


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