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Time to upgrade learning for the digital age

HomeEducationalTime to upgrade learning for the digital age

You are a student in the 21st century – always fiddling with your phone and asking Alexa to play your favourite track. But in the classroom, you are suddenly transported back into the ancient ages where you still need to take out your notebook. But why so?

It is the age of digitalisation, and digital learning is taking over the conventional methods of education. Schools and colleges are starting to think about newer teaching and learning techniques using digital tools and technologies. As a result, tablets are replacing paper, and a stylus is ousting the simple pen.

You do not have to wait until the next class to get your doubts cleared because there are several online tutoring sites all across the web that you can take lessons from.

And, it does not end there! If you feel you cannot take the pressure of multiple assignments anymore, there is a myriad of reliable websites that can help you with your assignments. Online services like assist you in every home task of yours, be it any subject.

Although few old souls may not agree, we think that e-learning empowers a student to get more engaged in the curriculum and ushers in newer horizons for you. Here’s why!

Why Do We Need To Upgrade Our Learning Methods Digitally?

 1.Would you prefer gleaning out the meaning of an unknown word from the dictionary? Would you not instead search the word online in Google? E-learning tools and technology helps you become more efficient and responsible.

You can help yourself out using the various online resources and do not have to be dependent on anyone. This, in turn, helps increase productivity, and you can complete your coursework faster. Moreover, digital learning tools enhance your critical thinking ability thus making you smarter and sharper.

2.With education evolving digitally, we have a plethora of online courses available for students who have a craving for knowledge. With a functioning internet connection, you can take online classes and get degrees through distance learning that has been made possible with E-learning.

3.From the perspective of an educator, digital learning is bridging a lot of gaps. Using the social learning platforms, the tedious task of managing groups has become a cakewalk.

With online learning tools, the feature of customized solutions has enhanced the quality of education.

The scope of Learning In The Digital Age

With the expected growth in the e-learning tools in the near future, here is a glimpse into some of the trends of digital learning!

Learning  Assistants or Chatbots

The popularity of it tells us that we are now ready for a chat-bot invention. Artificial Intelligence has been already welcomed into the spectrum of digital learning, and therefore we can expect to see intelligent voice assistants and Machine Learning-enabled chatbots taking over the traditional classroom teachings. There will be smart apps that will help you learn your subjects on the go.

Game-Based Learning or Gamification

Game-based e-learning or what is more commonly known as Gamification is going to make it big this year.

Game-based learning has a significant impact in imparting education to students in a more engaging way, and therefore several companies are investing in learning games to keep the students interested by learning important stuff while having fun. Gamification is therefore all set to change the scenario of education during 2018.

Customized Learning Needs

Customized Learning is the best thing about digital learning, and 2018 is going to see more of it. Instead of having to take tests for all modules, you can simply take exams for the subjects or modules in the curriculum that you think you are weak in.

A screening test will be given to you, based on the result of which you will get customized test papers targeting areas in which you have scored the minimum marks. Hopefully, adaptive learning will be more implemented.


In our times, we had to read tomes of textbooks which, needless to say, was the most boring thing ever. But, your generation is lucky because micro-learning is now a definite trend and is here to stay. Since most of us use smartphones today; Microlearning is here to stay.

So what is micro-learning basically? It is gaining knowledge via short videos and clips, quizzes, etc. Interactive info-graphics and games fall under microlearning too.

We all are busy these days, and therefore nuggets and bites are the best thing for all of us – be it a student or not. We can simply access micro resources on our devices any time we want.

Content Curation

In the year 2018, content curation will be a hot trend, and more companies are expected to supply reliable substitutes for the standard learning sources.

Artificial Intelligence will be taking over publishing and books and text will be published online too. There are already several tools that can help you curate information from the content libraries.

This will also lead to mobile learning solutions more.

Interactive Video-Based e-Learning

What you generally do when you need a tutorial to use a device? It is now a common tendency for us to just move on to YouTube and search for a tutorial video where we are shown the solution using an interactive video.

Visual learning is any day better than reading, and therefore, videos will be used soon to impart knowledge. What is the best thing about interactive videos is that you will feel more engaged throughout the process of learning.

So basically, the trend of using interactive videos for education will continue its streak in 2018, too. 2018 is also going to be a big year for digital year, and we cannot wait to see what it has in store for us!

Author, Robert Smith is an online brand consultant cum academic physics homework helper associated with

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Robert Smith
Robert Smith
Robert Smith is a marketing expert who is working for an MNC for the past 6 years. She has been associated with as an academic expert for a couple of years and provides essay help Apart from writing engaging blogs on marketing, tech and education trends, she likes hiking and surfing when not wooing her international clients with amazing marketing advice.


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