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8 Ways to Make Your Living Room More Inviting

HomeWellness8 Ways to Make Your Living Room More Inviting

A living room is one of the most important rooms in a house. It’s the place where the family gathers, a place where people entertain their guests, and a place where we spend most of our time. As such the living room should be inviting and stylishly decorated.  

Living room décor can make a world of difference, so when decorating your living room, you should know about certain tricks and tips that can help you switch up this place and make it more inviting.

Here are 8 ways to make your living room more inviting.

Use the colours smartly

Choosing the right colour scheme for your living room can make a huge difference. Since this is the place where you spend most of your time, the colour needs to be something that you find soothing and relaxing. Many people find choosing the right colour for their living room daunting – with so many options, how to choose the right one!

The trick is to go for something warm and neutral that you can enhance with accent colours and textures. The truth is that there isn’t a rule or right or wrong when choosing a living room colour – just make sure that you don’t overdo it or overwhelm the space with too many different colours at once.

Choose the right furniture

Another important step when trying to make your living room inviting is the type of furniture you have in it. The style, shape, and colour of your furniture can either make or break the room. 

Furniture also needs to be the right size. Having huge and bulky furniture pieces in a small space will make the living room look cramped and uncomfortable. On the other hand, too small furniture in a larger space will look out of the place.

The goal is to find something appropriate, that will fit the size of the room and your style.

Arrange the furniture properly 

living room

Arranging your furniture properly is another step that you need to consider. Don’t be frustrated if you don’t get it right immediately. Designers study and practice space planning and furniture arrangement for years before they develop their skills. 

The most important thing with furniture arrangement is that you leave enough traffic space. The rest you can experiment with until you get it right. Also, try to stay away from placing all furniture pieces against the walls. You can place a sofa in the middle of the room but you need to know how to anchor it properly.

Don’t forget a rug

Adding a rug to your living room can make a room look and feel different. Regardless of what kind of floors you have, you can add character and a pop of colour to your living room with just the right rug. And yes, you can layer a rug on a carpet as well. 

The key is to choose the rug that will add personality, warmth, and colour. You can even play around with texture, especially if you’re layering a rug and a carpet. Any well-stocked carpet store will have a wide variety of rugs to offer. So, don’t settle for anything less than perfect!

Choose a rug with just the right amount of colour, personality, and texture and transform your living space.

The focal point of the living room

Every living room needs a focal point. A focal point is the first thing that your eyes land on in a room. For example, many people like to put their TV as a focal point – which you don’t have to since there are many more different options as well.

A focal point of a living room can be a fireplace, a window, artwork, wallpaper, gallery wall – anything but the TV. If you don’t want your TV to be a focal point, you can easily conceal it inside a cabinet and create a different focal point.

Choose the artwork

Choosing the right kind of artwork for a living room can also affect the overall look and style of the space. In addition to choosing the artwork to fit the design and concept of the space, you’ll also need to consider the size of it.

Hanging a small frame on a big wall will look out of place, so you can deal with this by installing moulding around the frame to make the painting look bigger. You can also put a smaller artwork in a larger frame to make it fit the space. And if you want to be different, make a gallery wall out of smaller artwork or frames. A frame with a space wallpaper or image will also add a cosmic vibe and will undoubtedly enhance the look.

Larger pieces will look best in larger rooms, with high ceilings. Also, consider painting a mural in larger rooms. Murals can be great focal points and conversation pieces. Applying marble wallpaper to your walls is an excellent choice. This will improve the appearance of your walls while also bringing in a joyful and pleasant ambiance.

Lighting matters

living room

Nothing quite sets the mood and transforms the space as lighting does. This is why installing the proper lighting matters. If your living room has enough natural light, make sure to make good use of it. Natural light, in addition to cutting down on your electricity bills, is healthy and can make any room comfortable and inviting – even in the winter times.

If you don’t count on enough natural light, you can compensate with artificial lighting. You can layer three types of lighting (general, task, and accent) to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your living room. 

Add accents

It’s the little details that truly make the room inviting and comfortable. To add charm and texture to your living room, don’t be afraid to add details such as throw pillows and blankets. They will add personality and make everyone feel welcome to your living room.

Accessorize the space with plants, vases, sculptures, personal photos, knick-knacks, and so on. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it and make the room look cluttered. To help you with that aspect of living room design, try sticking to the rule of three.

All in all, designing your living room and making it more exciting should be fun. Try sticking to some design rules but also don’t forget to infuse a bit of your personality into the living room to truly make it your own.

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Jasmine Anderson
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