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Basics of Data Science and its Role in Your Business! : Basic Guide

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Data Science is one of the latest ground-breaking gifts of technology. And businesses cannot seem to get enough of this revolutionary concept that can propel them towards greater success.

Today, user data is everything, and being able to unearth what this data contains is all that businesses are trying to do. And with the arrival of Data science, things have changed a lot!

So what is data science?

Putting things simply, data refers to raw bits of information generated by consumers, before it undergoes processing. And data science refers to the fusion of algorithms, tools, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning techniques with the sole intention of hunting out hidden patterns in raw data.

Although the concept of data science might seem overwhelming at first, in reality, it is just the opposite. This buzzword has created quite a rage and maybe that is why sources suggest that the Harvard Business Review has rewarded the task of a data scientist for being “the sexiest job of the 21st century”!

However, it is worthwhile to keep in mind that commonly asked questions like “what is data science”, are quite significant, since there is much more to this scientific term than its mere definition.

What is the need for data science in business?

The need of data science in business is actually immeasurable! Ignoring it might give rise to a vague interpretation of data that will ultimately force businesses to fade out amidst competition.

More and more businesses are now implementing data science because it offers –

Accurate analysis of business details

Till sometime back, many business owners were completely unaware of the fact that user-related data can help them win a jackpot.

Hiring a data scientist would enable them to analyze their customer data better, thereby offering them the information that is exactly needed. When a data scientist enters the picture, with one look at user data, they can decipher all things hidden there. And this will help provide companies with the correct business and market insights so that they can chalk out winning strategies. Scraping reviews manually is a time consuming task and makes review scraping reliable, fast and easy.

Better risk prediction and mitigation

If you are a business owner you must already understand how the economy fluctuates with industry trends. When a business is unable to predict an upcoming change in the economy, it might eventually end up hitting a loss. In order to predict changes and mitigate risks, an enterprise needs to have a strong idea about the future face of the economy. And only data science can help in predicting the possibilities.

With a plethora of Data Science concept and techniques, data experts help interpret what huge sets of data indicate about the future. They can also suggest ways of gearing up to minimize the negative impact.

What does the job of a data scientist look like?

A data scientist is someone who can provide insights to companies from data that is gathered from all possible channels. So come to think of it, they are the brains behind this crucial task of understanding and utilizing data in the right way.

But this is not all because they have to accomplish many other related tasks, which makes their job really coveted and crucial.

Some of the most significant responsibilities of data scientists include the following –

  • Collect big chunks of data and then analyze it.
  • Use advanced algorithms and techniques and solve various business problems.
  • Then communicate the data findings to the business owners.
  • Also converting data into visualizations
  • Utilizing techniques of machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Also implementing the techniques of text analytics.

So, you might assume that the job of a data scientist is sometimes predictable. But in reality, they have to view any particular situation from multiple angles in order to come up with the appropriate solutions that organizations bank upon. And whenever diverse perspectives come into the picture, it automatically invites unpredictable situations. Being able to work around such situations and help enterprises succeed is what makes their job really challenging.


So finally to answer “what is data science”, you can safely say that it is much more than a buzzword today! Implementing the Basics of data science in businesses is an absolute necessity in this era. And with the various technologies and tools that data science involves, the demand for data scientists is bound to be ever growing.

Image Source: Freepik.

Author is the Digital Marketing Manager and a Content Strategist for Aretove Technologies.

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Aanchal Iyer
Aanchal Iyer
Aanchal Iyer is the Digital Marketing Manager and a Content Strategist. She has an experience of 11+ years as a content consultant and along with Aanchal is actively involved in writing about the advancement of technologies in our everyday life.


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