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Your guide to choosing the right jewelry gift

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Gifting never goes out of style! Whether it’s the birthday, anniversaries, promotion parties, baby shower, or any occasion. The scenario is more like, we don’t wait for excuses to exchange gifts, but exchange gifts and make it an event. Strange or fancy!

Anyway, this has also become one of the reasons for our confusion. What to gift to whom, how much should I spend on gifts, will the other person like my gift, do I at all require a gift (well, of course, yes!). Many more such questions pop up in your head, making it spin like an egg beater. Sometimes, without even realizing you end up judging your thoughts.

Well, we know that the custom of gifting is now well established in society. It’s like the cheerleaders in a basketball game. The players will play their best whether or not the cheerleaders will be there. Still, we cannot imagine it happening without them (we’re learning how life works!) So you know that you cannot escape this.

Perhaps you have another function lined up. Obviously, this is why you are here reading this blog! In my opinion, jewelry is the perfect and safest option while choosing a gift. Relax! Don’t reach to an impulsive conclusion about jewelry as an ideal gift.

In this blog, you’ll not only get your guide to choosing the right jewelry gift for every occasion but will also break some stereotypes related to jewelry.

So let’s get you to your ultimate guide to choosing the right jewelry gift perfect for everyone.

How to choose the right jewelry for your loved ones?


Wedding gift

A person’s marriage is one of the most prominent events in her life. And if you are attending one such function, then you must have a reasonable budget for the gifts.

Here the perfect jewelry gift will be the gold pendants for the couple with the initials of their names. This will be the jewelry that they can wear all the time. First of all, the little pendants are incredibly convenient to wear, and second, they are so gorgeously cute that anyone would love to wear it.

You’ll always have variations available depending on the budget that you have. You can have them studded with precious and semi-precious stones or maybe some other metal. Another fantastic idea would be to get their birthstones embedded in the letter pendant.

jewelry gift

Baby shower gift

Having a baby is the most beautiful feeling for a woman (at least this is what I’ve heard and known). And if you are invited to one such occasion, then you can feel the vibe yourself. The new mother and the baby have a certain kind of aura that lights up the surrounding.

You are obviously planning to give the baby bath supporter, baby carrier, diaper bag, baby blankets, or something more traditional. These are the baby-centric things that they will be getting from everyone.

Here let’s not forget the mother who held the baby within her and has gone through specific body changes. Baby charms will be the perfect gift for the new moms. They are so little and so comfortable that she can wear it happily without the fear of hurting them.


Promotion gift

When a person is hugely career-oriented, there cannot be an event that is more significant than her promotion. And it’s evident for her to throw a party to celebrate. Maybe not a grand one, but at least with her near and dear ones.

When you are invited, you don’t want to land up empty-handed. Obviously, you don’t want to be in an awkward situation when everyone is giving the gifts to the star performer of the company. When it’s your turn, you just stand there with a “congratulation buddy!” It becomes worse when they expect something more from you, but you can only accompany it with a hug. Seriously!! *rolling eyes*

Here the perfect jewelry gift for your friend will be a bold statement piece that she can wear as she sways her way to her new and promoted office.


Birthday gift

The most common of all the occasions or rather excuses to exchange gifts is birthdays. You just cannot imagine a birthday party without the glamour of shimmering packing papers. A birthday without presents is like Hanukkah without candles.

So here, the perfect jewelry that you can give to the birthday person is a beautiful bracelet. Not only will this make a stunning jewelry item, but it will also depict the bond that you share with her. You can also add a cute little personalized note with the gift. This will add up to the value of your gift.

Getting regular, mainstream gifts on your birthday is honestly dull and boring. With your bracelet, you will make the person’s birthday truly special. This gift can be given irrespective of the gender of the birthday person.


Bridal shower gift

Bridal showers are a relatively new concept. It is a function that the bride’s family holds where everyone comes in to bless the bride for a happy married life. This takes place a few days before the wedding ceremonies begin.

When you are invited to one such function, then it means that you belong to the bride’s close ones. And here you have to be more careful in choosing your jewelry gift. This is because the bride to be will be taking that gift with her for her whole life, and it will always remind her of you.

A platinum band for her with her and your name engraved on it is perfect. Obviously, her ring finger will be occupied for the engagement ring, but there are seven more fingers left for your band! This is an ideal gift to keep your bond alive.


First-anniversary gift

So it’s the occasion when the couple who invited you to their wedding successfully completed one year of their marriage. This obviously calls for a celebration. I mean, why not? 40-50% of marriages in the US end up in divorce, and they are among the other 50-60%.

So as special the occasion is, your gift should be unique. The best choice here will be the jewelry set that they can wear and flaunt as a couple. Or if you want to go a step further, then gift them the couple wristwatch. They will love this and also, it will be of great utility.

If you’re sticking to the jewelry, then I recommend either couple bracelets or rings. This will remind the couple that how far they have come together and still how now they have to go with each other’s support and love.

Now you know what jewelry to gift your loved ones on different occasions and milestones of their life. But I understand, you must be having some doubts in your mind while reading this blog.

So let’s break some of the common stereotypes associated with jewelry for years:


It’s only for women

This is a very wrong conception of jewelry in the minds of most of us. In India, during the times of kingdoms and palaces, the maharajas (or Kings) wore more jewelry than the maharanis (or queens). Even in the modern era, you can find men wearing jewelry.

If that wouldn’t be the case, there will be wedding bands only for the brides!!!


It’s costly

I understand the cost of precious stone’s jewelry is very high, but not all jewelry is extraordinarily expensive. With the modern trend of making contemporary jewelry with almost every metal and semi-precious gemstones, it is now affordable for everyone.

So, it’s not always costly (but always beautiful).


Jewelry as a gift is only apt for high-society

And for the middle-class people, there are more regular and traditional gifting items for every occasion. WRONG! It looks like this because of the nature of the jewelry as a consumable good, i.e., a luxury item. But with the low prices and easy availability, it is now more of a regular thing which is perfect for a gift for every occasion.

The only thing that you should consider and examine before getting jewelry for anyone is that whether they are sensitive to a particular metal or gemstone. You never want your loved ones to be suffering from skin allergies and other reactions because of your gifts.

So now, you are good to go to whatever function or occasion, with your ultimate guide to choosing the right jewelry gift!

I promise, jewelry as a gift will never let you down!

I hope this blog helped you! You can also visit our website for the best jewelry gifting solutions!

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