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Treating Brain Tumor – What Are The Options?

Home Wellness Treating Brain Tumor - What Are The Options?

People diagnosed with brain tumor have only one question in mind – What are the options now? It is a moment of anxiety and can be devastating for some. Hearing the word tumor is scary itself and on top of that, you have to consider the medical expenses that come with it.

Article Summary – The treatment options for brain tumor include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy and surgery. Some patients need two types of treatments simultaneously or in a specific order to get the best results. India is the most cost-effective destination for treatment.

The latter part has become a little easier for people living in developing countries as medical tourism has become a thing. Medical tourism in India has become a big industry over the years as the cost of the treatment is so low that people get quality treatment, travel around and still save a lot of money.

The people, who are searching for their options after getting diagnosed with this condition, get scared when they hear the alarming cost which they will bear for getting quality treatment.

Disappointed with the high cost, they turn to India for the treatment and find it cheaper and better than the cost of treatment in their own country.

But before all that, you should be aware of the type of treatment you need and what can be the best option for you. Being informed and aware of your own condition can help you in making the right decisions so that you don’t regret it later. Let’s dive in:

Chemotherapy –

It is probably the most recognized treatment for any type of cancer and definitely more popular than

brain tumor surgery in India –

In this treatment, drugs are used to destroy tumor cells, mostly by inhibiting the cells’ ability to divide and grow. It can be used for purposes like slowing a tumor’s growth, reducing the symptoms or destroying tumor cells left after surgery.

Radiation Therapy –

This treatment method uses high-energy x-rays to destroy tumor cells. It can also be used to hinder the growth of tumor. This therapy is given after surgery or with chemotherapy.

Doctors are trying to reduce radiation exposure to the adjacent healthy brain tissue by being more precise radiation. There are also short-term side effects of this therapy like milk skin reactions, hair loss, fatigue and upset stomach.

Targeted Therapy-

Targeting specific protein, genes and tissue environment is part of targeted therapy. These proteins and genes contribute to the growth of the tumor’s growth and survival. Targeting these tissues and protein can curb the growth of these cells.

Brain Tumor Surgeon or Neurologist-

Will suggest a comprehensive treatment that may include multiple types of treatments.

Surgery –

Surgery is done to remove the tumor and the surrounding healthy tissues. The surrounding healthy tissues are removed for reducing the chances of re-development of cancer cells.

Removing this tumor can provide tissue for diagnosis and improve neurological symptoms. The brain tumor surgery cost in India  is so low that people find it convenient to travel to India and get treatment without any hassle.

Now that you know your options, you can discuss it comprehensively with your doctor and go for a treatment that offers the best chances of recovery.

Author Note – Lakhwinder Singh is an experienced doctor and founder of Indo American Health. His company helps patients in getting quality treatment at very reasonable prices by facilitating trips to different countries. Passionate about easing the life of people suffering from different disease, his every effort is towards the betterment of the medical sector.

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