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17 Ideas to Create a Spa-Like Bathroom Sanctuary

HomeWellness17 Ideas to Create a Spa-Like Bathroom Sanctuary

If you want to enjoy some luxury baths from the comfort of your own home, here are 17 amazing ways you can turn your bathroom into a spa-like nature resort where you can enjoy some long and relaxing baths after busy days at work. 

Bathe in Luxury

If you’re not limited by your budget, then, by all means, don’t hold back when remodeling your bathroom. There are so many amazing features you can add to your bathroom to make it look like a luxurious at-home spa. Adding these upgrades will help create a relaxing ambiance that you will get to enjoy whenever you take a shower or do your skincare routine.

Create a Rain Shower

You can completely change your shower experience simply by switching to a rainfall shower head. There are numerous different versions you could go for. The pattern of these kinds of shower heads makes it feel like you are bathing somewhere in the tropical forests of the Amazon. It is a very relaxing way to end your day and you will be glad you decided to change this feature in your shower. 

Turn to Natural Materials

If you want to turn your bathroom into a relaxing spa, the best thing you can do is to turn your bathroom into a small nature resort by using natural materials. Incorporating materials such as bamboo, teak, or stone is a great way to turn your bathroom into your private little oasis that you get to enjoy every day. You can implement several different materials too by using one for the shower, another one for the vanity, and the third one for the flooring. 

Enlist a Tub Caddy

One of the best ways to enjoy some relaxing spa time at home is by bathing and soaking in a warm bath. For maximum relaxation, consider making yourself relaxing baths that will make you feel like you’re floating amongst the clouds. Adding a bamboo bath tray will make the whole experience wholesome. You will have a convenient place for you to place a book that you’re reading, maybe a glass of wine or a cup of tea, and anything else you might want to bring for your relaxing spa time. You can also opt for getting an extendable caddy with non-slip silicone grips which will help the caddy stay in place.

Create an Atmosphere with a Surround Sound

If you want to create a full spa-like experience, you need to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere for your bath time. In that case, music can help you. You can purchase a Bluetooth stereo speaker that you can place in the bathroom and play some calming and soothing background music as you enjoy your private time in your oasis. You can create a playlist of the songs that you like and just sit back and relax in the bathtub. 

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Turn Up the Heat

If you want to treat yourself some more, get yourself a toasty warm towel once you finish with your bath or shower. A bucket-style warmer can warm up your pyjamas, robes, blanket, and towels within minutes. Before you jump into the shower set the timer to 15, 45, or 60 minutes depending on whether you are showering or taking a long bath. It will automatically turn off once it’s done and you will be ready to wrap yourself in warm and soft materials right after your bath.

Invigorate Your Soak

For the ultimate spa-like experience, add some natural salts to your relaxing bath. You can also add in some soothing essential oils to your bath since they can reduce stress and soothe any aches you may have in your body.

Take it outside

You can take the experience of a relaxing shower or bath outside if you live in a house. Find a secluded part of your backyard and make a private section by putting up a wall. You can build an outdoor shower or you can even set up a small private bathing area with a bathtub or a Jacuzzi. Here, you can spend warm summer evenings sipping wine and enjoying your outdoor baths with some candles and soothing music. It’s a great way to relax after a long day.

Upgrade Your Seat

The bidet has become a staple feature in a lot of households. To upgrade yours, you can add a feature that lets you adjust the pressure of water as well as the position and angle of the self-cleaning nozzle spray. It is easy to install and you can pretty much do that within a few minutes.

Get a floating tub for maximum luxury

To create a spa-like bathroom, you can go for a fancy floating tub that will make you feel all-pampered and spoiled every time you take a bath. This slick and elegant design will make your bathroom appear very luxurious. This design has been getting a lot of popularity in Australia recently. If you decide to get one yourself, just make sure to get the experts such as Canberra plumbers to check your water pipes first and see how exactly the floating tub can be incorporated in your bathroom.

Light Some Candles

As we’ve mentioned before, enjoying some at-home spa time is a whole experience that needs a certain atmosphere and mood created in the room. One of the best ways to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere is by lighting some candles in your bathroom. You can get scented candles with lavender, vanilla, or any other scent you like to create a cozy atmosphere in your bathroom when taking a bath.

Hide Your Supplies

You can’t fully relax in a space that is cluttered and full of stuff lying around. Bathrooms are full of everyday supplies like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and so on. You don’t want that stuff just lying around all over the bathroom when you’re trying to relax. For that reason, you need to get a compact cabinet where you will be able to store and put away any stuff that is only creating clutter and mess in your bathroom.

Dim the Lights

Of course you need good lighting in the bathroom when you are shaving, doing your skin care, brushing your teeth, doing your makeup, and so on. However, when the time comes for you to take a relaxing bath and forget about your problems, you need the complete opposite. Try to dim the lights as much as you can or if you want to go for something a little extra, you can incorporate LED bulbs that change colors. You can set the right mood by switching these lighting colors depending on what kind of atmosphere you want to achieve. 

Comfort Yourself with Cotton

Simply upgrade your towels. It’s as easy as that. When you walk out of a shower or get out of your relaxing bath, wrap yourself around in some soft cotton towels that will make your skin feel nourished and taken care of. You can purchase linen towels that will make you feel like you’re on a luxurious trip and you’re spending some time at a fancy hotel. 

Add Comfort Underfoot

Switch from your regular bath mat to a soft and warm area rug or runner. Get a floor covering that is non-slippery, water-repellent, stain-resistant, and machine-washable. This will make your feet feel extra warm after a soaking bath.

Bring in Some Plants

You don’t have to stop at adding natural elements by incorporating stone and bamboo. Let some nature in by adding house plants in your bathroom. It will make you feel like you’re taking a bath somewhere tropical. Just make sure to do your research and get the plants that thrive in places with lots of moisture and humidity since your bathroom will most likely be heated after baths. 

Throw in Some Bath Bombs

Lastly, whenever you want to treat yourself, use some bath bombs in your bath. They come in various shapes, colors, and scents. It’s an ultimate relaxing experience and you need to pamper yourself from time to time, so try out the bath bombs whenever you feel like it.


In conclusion, there are many ways to create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. These are some of the most effective ways in which you will be able to take a soothing shower or a relaxing bath in the comfort of your own bathroom. 

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