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Highly effective treatments for hair loss and hair thinning

Home Wellness Highly effective treatments for hair loss and hair thinning

Waking up in the morning and witnessing a clumps of hair under the pillow can be distressing and disturbing for anyone. Although losing a small quantity of hair is normal and does not indicate that you are suffering from a hair loss condition, as it is the natural process of hair growth, but if you’re are losing it in clumps, then there is a reason to worry that there can be a proper hair loss condition behind that.

In order to find out whether you are suffering from a hair loss condition or not, you need to first know about the natural growth cycles of hair.

A hair grows out from the hair follicle or the root underneath the skin. Between starting to grow and falling out after years, a hair goes through three stages including anagen, catagen, and Telogen. The time period of staying in every phase may differ in every hair.

Anagen phase

The anagen or growing phase usually last for 2-5 years depending on the health of hair. In this phase, the hair grows about few 2-3 millimeters after every 30 days.

Catagen phase

This is the transitional phase where a hair stays for 10-15 days. In this phase, the blood and nutrient supply to the hair gets cut off and the hair detaches from the dermal papilla.

Telogen Phase

This is the phase where the resting hair falls out. Almost 5-10% of our hairs stay in this phase under normal circumstances, which is the reason for regular hair shedding. gives the opportunity to experience the most proven and effective hair services designed to help you look and feel your best.

Patients suffering from hair loss and hair thinning always thrive for the ways to overcome their condition and get back the hair they have lost during that conditions. There are many things people may advise you do to regrow hair we recommend having a consultation session with a nearby hair specialist in order to find out the real culprits behind your hair loss condition and choosing the appropriate remedies. By contacting Cliffside Skin & Laser you will feel relieved from all your skin conditions and dermatological issues.

Here are some of the highly effective remedies for hair loss and hair thinning

PRP therapy

It is a non-invasive therapy that includes the administration of growth enriched fluid directly into the scalp that maximizes the growth of hair follicles and repairs the damaged ones. Scalp Evolution specializes in Scalp Micropigmentation to help you overcome hair loss and restore your confidence, enabling you to live a full life.


A platelet-rich plasma is obtained from the blood of the patient itself. It is done by putting a sample of blood into a specialized apparatus that separates the PRP from the blood. PRP has the higher values of growth factors that when it is inserted into the scalp, it stimulates the hair growth.

Recent experimentations of PRP therapy at Hair transplant Dubai clinic has shown promising results without inducing any severe side effects.


Just like PRP injection, Mesotherapy is also a non-invasive hair loss treatment that is designed to repair the damaged hair follicles and enhance the production of existing ones.

The fluid that is injected into the scalp is the mixture of pharmaceutical, homeopathic drugs and nutrients that are helpful in putting the dry and damaged hair on the right path of growth.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-surgical method of inserting organic plant-based pigment deposits through the dermal layer of the scalp. The pigment deposits replicate hair follicles and create the appearance of a full head of hair.

Low-level laser therapy

Low-level laser therapy is an innovation in the world of non-surgical hair restoration treatment. It works similar to the photosynthesis process as it stimulates the hair follicles by exerting low-level light energy on to them.

Low-level laser hair therapy enables the hair to re-enter the growth or anagen phase from the Telogen phase. This work in the Telogen effluvium condition, a hair loss condition in which more than usual hair goes to the shedding or Telogen phase.

It delays the anagen period of the hair.

It increases the blood flow to the exposed areas of the scalp.

Hair Transplants

People suffering from hair loss or hair thinning normally are not good candidates for hair transplant as it is difficult to find out the potential donor areas because in such hair loss condition hair from all over the scalp is affected by the underlying conditions. However, in the case you are not behaving a running hair loss condition, you can undergo a hair transplant procedure as this is the only solution that can provide you with completely natural outcomes.

Preventing hair loss and hair thinning

As prevention is always better than the treatments, adopting a healthy dieting regimen and good hair care routine would help you avoid many of the hair loss conditions from developing. Here are some useful tips in order to prevent hair loss.

Intake enough nutrients

As the nutrients and minerals are basic fundaments of hair growth, having them in the right quantity would help maintain better hair growth.

Eat foods like eggs, chicken, leafy vegetables and meat to overcome the deficiency of nutrients if nay. Moreover, if you are still unable to get enough nutrients from your food, you can be prescribed for the supplements that would help you get them in the right quantity.

Have an oil massage

Having an oil massage does not only nourishes your hair with the liquid but it also improves the blood flood to the scalp. More blood flow more will be the growth of hair.

Avoid unnecessary hair pulling

Pulling your hair regularly weakens your hair and ultimately makes its fall-out. Having hairstyles such as waives, ponytails, and braids makes may cause traction Alopecia, a hair loss condition that occurs due to the continued pressure on the scalp.

Shampoo your hair correctly

While choosing a shampoo for your hair, must identify your hair type first and then go for the one that is labeled for your particular hair type. A shampoo that is designed for the dry hair cannot be suitable for the one that is designed for the oily and moisturized hair.

If you re carrying dry hair and using the shampoo labeled for wet hair, it can further dry off your scalp and makes the hair frizzy and weak, ultimately leads to hair loss.

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