Tips for Planning an Epic Sorority Road Trip

Taking a road trip with your college sorority sisters allows you all to get to know each other better and have fun in the process. However, a trip of this nature usually requires some forethought because you have several people to consider, and you’ll all probably have different ideas of where you want to go and what you want to do. To alleviate some of the issues that this could naturally cause, keep the following three tips in mind as you plan your trip.

Decide on Your Itinerary

Planning where you’ll go and what you’ll do together as a group allows you all to put some of your bucket-list items on your trip’s itinerary. That being said, you need to be practical when you’re planning your trip. For example, you may be taking your trip during spring break, which means that you’ll have some time constraints. You can’t take a three-week trip if spring break is only one week, for example. If you travel too far away from home, much of your vacation time will be spent traveling and not necessarily having fun. It’s best to consider all of the constraints that you’re facing when you make up your travel itinerary so that you can plan your trip more realistically.

Distribute the Costs

Factors like individual budgets and destinations require you to plan and then plan again before you get the itinerary right. If you’re in a sorority in college, then budget may be the biggest factor in deciding where your group can afford to go and what you all can afford to do. However, according to EF, traveling on a budget is something that is easily doable. Because you’ll be on vacation with a bunch of friends, you can mitigate the cost of the trip since you can share the expense of things like transportation, accommodations, and meals. A trip that would normally be out of reach financially can be accessible if you work together and budget together.

Drive Safely

For many college travelers, taking a car trip represents the most economical way to travel. If your group has decided to travel this way, be mindful of road safety. Be sure to plan your trip’s route ahead of time. Make sure you check for potential issues like road closures or construction. Additionally, you’ll want to take turns driving so that no one is driving too long. It’s best to be aware of all of the other vehicles on the road. According to Flora Stuart, you should pass trucks quickly and avoid staying in their blind spots for too long on the highway. As for other cars, make sure that you leave plenty of room between you and other vehicles and that you signal your intentions so that other drivers understand what you’re doing.

Taking a trip with your sorority sisters can be a real bonding experience. It can also be an opportunity for all of you to build life skills like budgeting and planning.

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