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Marketing Automation Is The New Brink And Here’s Why?

Home Content Marketing Marketing Automation Is The New Brink And Here's Why?

With new technologies emerging, enabling capabilities and streamlining workflow, digital transformation has become essential for every business to remain competitive in this ever-changing and developing scenario. One such small wave in the digital change is Marketing automation.

But what exactly is marketing automation?

A simple definition is, it is a software that is used to automate the marketing process dependent upon the interests and interactions for the prospects. The redundant job gets done on its own.

Marketing automation provides reliable solutions to complex marketing tasks by reaching and interacting with the end user in real-time based on statistics. It not only enhances the traditional marketing objectives but also transforms the way of doing things. Primarily marketing automation tools help you read your prospect’s mind, analyze their behavior and draw conclusions, assisting you in making informed marketing and sales pitches.

However, before you dive any deeper, first focus on whether you need marketing automation at all. Irrespective of how big or small your company setup maybe, whether you’re starting or have been in the market for long, create a development plan. To scoop out the best marketing automation platform, you need to understand the various objectives of your business. Even the most successful marketers had to start somewhere. To sync in with the pace, every marketer is concerned about the first bite.

There are four decisive points where automation excels.


If you are a marketer looking to manage your budget, automated marketing is a great asset. By reducing the time for or your staff to spend time creating, distributing messages and collecting data, you will be able to make the most of their creativity and vision. Marketing automation manages E-Mail marketing, web analytics and demographic wise data filtration. Artificial intelligence is a part of marketing automation software which allows to filter potential customers from the massive data warehouse and inculcate account based targeting.

Customized on page content and tag management helps to understand customer psychographics. Tag management stores drop cookies and track users browsing patterns which in turn is linked with the customer data. The integration of user’s online presence and browsing patterns succours for accurate product placement. Every product or service is processed through funnel marketing which is based on the desires and interests of the customer. Apart from increasing efficiency, a good platform can help in expanding reach, take real-time marketing decisions and have a significant competitive advantage over other competitors.

Customer interaction:  

With customers becoming less patient every day, the only safe course for competitive businesses is the one that keeps up the pace with evolving technologies. Lead sustenance is a vital parameter of a marketing automation platform. You can create a simple chatbot that can be active on behalf of the customer care executive and can speak to the customer in minor cases. These chatbots are so advanced that they keep on learning the tone and style of talking with time and help any customer instantly. Thus, you can eliminate the long waiting hours for the customers, and listen to their problem immediately. It would improve your response time drastically, so the customers would be more than inclined to do business with you, as they know that you are always there to help them out if they are in some trouble.

Lead Generation:

The marketing automation tool eases out and simplifies the process of Lead Management. Using a robust marketing automation software, it becomes more straightforward for you to track the activities of the visitors that can convert anonymous website visitors into leads. You can send lead nurturing emails to them keeping in mind their levels of activity and interest in your product. Leads generated using marketing automation software have a significantly higher conversion success rate than cold contacts, because the prospect is pre-qualified as a sales opportunity before the marketer even receives the lead. It also enhances customer relationship and in turn, brings about productivity and profitability for the enterprise. It knows where to push the exact campaign in regards to the demographics and psychographics of customers.

Strategic integration:

An automation setup should have a multi-tasking platform that can integrate multiple CRM systems and accelerate marketing campaigns and related operations for your enterprise. In short a flexible and scalable marketing automation tool. Machine learning plays a significant role in bits and parts of marketing automation.  Yes, you can manage all your marketing campaigns from a single platform. Plus, both marketing and sales personnel collaborate effortlessly through an online CRM software.


Long story short, technology is a boon to the society, and if we articulate, technology is now an integral part of every commoner.

In today’s cutthroat business landscape, you cannot afford to let go even a single lead or a day late.

Businesses who embrace marketing automation will always be ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging as a successful business.

The explosion of Marketing automation is not at all surprising today.  However, you must remember that the use of marketing automation is only in its nascent stage; and there is scope for more.

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