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Quality content or Quantity content; Still confused

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Haven’t you gone through many posts and ever thought, “Ooh! How am I going to read this long?” Same happens with promotional messages when it gets too long. The quality gets compromised unintentionally when the length of the message becomes too long.

On the other hand, focusing only on the quality has created an image of the quantity as unimportant. This still is an argument, “Quality or Quantity?” Coming to the content marketing, it is very crucial for the promoters to understand that quality and quantity both are equally essential while writing the content for promoting the brand.

Promoters nowadays are only focused on designing the content which is high in quality and they unintentionally miss the fact that audience does not only visualize the look and quality, but they also want a good content that probably removes all the criterion of the doubts and confusion in the target’s mind. Same happens with Bulk SMS marketing when customers actually don’t get to the point about the SMS.  

Why be always focused on the content that shouldn’t be written? While comparing different digital marketing tactics, content marketing is at the second position in the list of the things that are to be focused on while planning marketing tactics for the business. This shows the businesses should be focused on producing more content on a regular basis. But what about quality? It is very important that the content produced should be quality content.

Ending the argumentation of content quality vs content quantity, marketers nowadays are very well aware of the necessity of both rather than to be focused on single.

Ordinarily, marketers spend time on research and then produce content and make it available to the audience so that they enjoy reading, but is that actually realistic? Producing a quantitative content is worth able but focusing together on quality lets you to turn customers’ needs in the views.

Have you ever heard about the input/output rule? An Italian economist described the theory in 1906 about the 80/20 rule. He suggested that 80% of the output from the given system is determined by the 20% of the input applied.

It is a typical condition which can’t be applied in all situation but while concentrating on the content marketing, this rule can provide great solutions. 20% of the content written should be brand promoting but 80% of the remaining content should be focused on engaging the customers.

Same can be applied to creation and distribution part of the content. Most of the marketers are investing 80% of the time in the content creation and 20% of the time content distribution but this should be opposite The time provided to the content distribution should be 80% and only 20% to the content creation. Attracting customers with quality content by spending less time on the content creation directly increases the quantity of the content and quality to be provided if done perfectly in 80/20 ratio.

Every marketer enjoys when time spent on researching and writing each post which is found online by the readers and find it interesting in reading. But is that actually this simple? To achieve online success, it is very crucial to be focused on both the quality and quantity of the content.

Creating quantity acquire the salience; creating quality directly converts those views into advantages and customers. Some marketers actually go in depth and create the content exactly what the audience wants but at the end of the day, the marketers creating quantity crush someone having only quality. Having a look at the marketers providing a large quantity despite the content ranks a high position in the market.

Thinking practically, how can it be possible to provide a large quantitative content regularly? Well thinking from a marketer’s point of view, well if he is intelligent enough, then having a closer look at what competitor is providing to the audience is very important. Knowing what’s driving the audience attraction, is what will make the marketers write a better content version.

What if after having a look at the competitor’s content, one provides content to the audience which high qualitatively as well as quantitatively? Providing qualitatively high but less content reduces the chances of attracting high customer base as there is nothing much with the attracted audience to share and gain more customers attracted towards the business. This indicates the content provided to the targeted audience should be rich in quantity as well as quality.

Coming back to the title, who is conqueror; quality or quantity? The answer is none. An intelligent marketer is one understands the actual balance between both. Providing the content according to the necessity is what actually should be kept in mind while writing.

To create a marketplace at the initial position when no one knows about the marketer, it is very important to create the content that is more consumable and shared. This directs the path toward growth. This can be considered as an opportunity to refine the content until it becomes gold.

No, not diamond, as here should always some space for changes and refining content to make it more attractive and eye-catching comparative to what it was previously. Providing new and attention gaining content every time is what makes customers stick with you. Refining the content at every stage and evolving the content marketing, will keep the marketing budget in hand and conquering over the customers in the coming time.

Every marketer spends more time in figuring out the needs and wants of the audience in respect to quality and quantity but it is very lucid that adhering more time and energy towards the uniformity of the content production will take the position towards the high engagement of customers.

While focusing on the quantity, define minimum quality standards that should be fulfilled. There is no answer to which should be focused more. Every organization is different and figuring out a different perspective according to the organizational goal is what will help to attract and maintain a high audience base over time.

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Naina Veerwani
Naina Veerwani
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  1. Blog is really Useful and apt for marketers. It creats keen interest in knowing whether the quality is the question or quantity of content. Superb analysis. ?


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