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18 Facebook statistics every marketer should know (Updated)

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Facebook is vastly used social media; there are over 2.45 billion monthly users on Facebook site. Facebook has always remained the most likable social media site since it was launched. That’s because it is continually growing and adapting new features. Facebook is now used for several purposes, apart from messaging and posting pictures.

Facebook Statistics for Marketers



Facebook is an excellent platform for Marketers, as well. No matter what business you own, from large brands to small business Facebook is beneficial for all marketers. Here you will find 10 Facebook stats to help you create a proper marketing strategy to reach the potential audience and generate ROI.

1) 1.66 billion users are daily active users on Facebook

On average facebook records 1.66 billion consistent users on average, which 74% of the active users. Each there is an increase in the number of daily active users as well. These users can be marked as a promising audience as they visit the site consistently. To target them, you will have to continually update your business page, to achieve this create daily posts prior and schedule them at different dates.



2) Adults and senior are growing age group of Facebook

For the last two years, there has been a significant increase in adult users on Facebook. The adult age group, which lies between 50 to 65 years, has grown from 26% to 40% in the year 2019. The senior group age group of 65 plus years has also increased by up to 7%.

The growth of Millenials on Facebook is far less than adults. Only a 2% increase was seen in Millenials users in 2019 from 82% to 84%.

3) Teens users are decreasing age groups on Facebook

Teens users on Facebook lying in the age group of 13 to 17 years are only 51%. The number is continuously decreasing for four years; in 2015, 71% of active users were teenagers.

In the current stats of 51% users, only 10% of users have mentioned Facebook as their preferred platform.

4) 52% of American adults get news from Facebook

The stats for news consumers on Facebook has increased from 43% to 52% in 2019. Important news can be shared quickly on Facebook to a vast audience. So the Majority of U.S audiences view news on Facebook these days.

News pages or a few Facebook groups can deliver quick local news or important discussion that might be beneficial for your business. As a marketer, you should also check for new pages where you could announce your products, run a campaign or collaborate. If your brand has relatable news information, it’s worth sharing it on Facebook.

5) 90 million small businesses use Facebook

These stats show how popular Facebook is among marketers. Facebook is a beneficial platform for all marketers. It’s not always necessary to invest in tools there only 24.6% of pages using paid media. The majority of marketers on Facebook are using free tools like Facebook Pages, Messenger, and groups.

6) The average organic reach for a Facebook post is 5.5 %


In 2019 the organic post reach was dropped by 2.2%, the average reach is only 5.5 % of page followers. This stats shows that marketers need to make more efforts for post engagement.

Make your ads more visible with Facebook tools like Facebook groups, Messenger, stories and more.

7) The average cost per click for a Facebook Ad is $1.72

According to a study conducted by word stream Average cost per click for the Facebook ad was $1.72 for all sectors. Considering this to be a standard price rate, you can decide your spending price for proper engagement.

8) 74% of high-income earners are Active on Facebook

Facebook is a preferable choice for high-income earners who earn near and above $ 75,000. This is one of the great reasons to choose the Facebook platform for your business. Facebook comes second for having most high-income users; Youtube leads to this demographic.

9) Highest traffic occurs mid-week Wednesday to Thursday

Engagement on a post does not solely depend on the content, but it’s also affected by days and time. Most traffic is found on Wednesday and Thursday between the 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM timeline. You can find potential consumers during this duration.

10) 94% of Facebook Ad is generated from mobile


The usage of Facebook’s desktop version is decreasing as most users prefer using apps. As a result, mobile targeted ads generate the highest revenue. Keep this stat in mind when you create posts, make it app friendly.

11) Mobile-friendly video content generate 27% higher engagement

Video ads are more advantageous in generating engagements. Video contents can be more engaging if it’s mobile-friendly. Mobile-friendly videos are short, can be played without sound usually and is fast-paced. Consider such videos in your marketing strategy.

12) 1.4 billion people use Facebook groups

Facebook group is a widely used platform which you can use for your business. With this tool, you can effectively reach out to your audience and vice versa.

13) 300 million people use Facebook stories daily

With Facebook Stories, you can quickly pitch to your audience as it appears at the top of the screen. Creating story content is different than post, you can cont use much text on stories. However, you can highlight your post or make a quick announcement.

14) User click on 11 ads per month on average

Active users click on 11 ads on average when we talk about both the gender. Women find to click on more ads than men; women users click 14 ads on average while active man clicks on ads. It seems a small number, but any click on ads-post shows it is useful.

15) The average engagement rate for Facebook post is 3.6%

If you can don’t how much engagement you need to create on your post, this stat will help you.

16) Facebook accounts for 80.4% of U.S. social referral share to eCommerce sites.


It is essential to create engagement on your Facebook post. But at the same time is also important to bring users on your site, where user can know about your product and purchase it. You can rely on Facebook for page views as it records the most number of referral share. Instagram comes second by only 10% of referral share.

17) 86.8% of U.S marketers use Facebook

Facebook is a favorite social site marketing for U.S marketers. There is no other site where you will find this vast number.n Instagram comes second with 75.3 U.S marketers.

18) Facebook earns 40% of annual digital display advertising revenue

Facebook advertising revenue continues increasing by 28% yearly. It generates half of all revenue from mobile ads and for social media marketing cover 75% pf the market.


These are the top 18 Facebook statistics that help you boost engagement on your page. Memorize all the stats and give justice to your posts accordingly.

PS: Author is a creative writer at Auto Monkey

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