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4 Ways to Help Heal Emotional Trauma

HomeWellness4 Ways to Help Heal Emotional Trauma

It is estimated that 13 million Americans suffer from emotional trauma at some point in their lifetime. In addition, emotional trauma can lead to a variety of problems, including depression, bipolar disorder, and other mood disorders. While it can be convenient for medical professionals to prescribe medications to treat underlying symptoms of emotional trauma that people experience, it is more desirable by many of these individuals to find ways of coping with the root of the problem. Here are four non-traditional methods for doing just that.

Seek Friendly Support

Surrounding yourself with friends that you trust who have no direct involvement with the events or actions that have caused your emotional pain can be therapeutic. These individuals can provide the distraction you need to take your mind off of the traumatic event or symptoms you are experiencing. You may find that when you are ready, opening up to these individuals may actually be easier as they can offer fresh ideas and unbiased advice. While confiding in friends and family can be helpful, it is important to remember that they are not your therapist. You should not become dependent on them to solve all your issues. This will actually do more harm than good in the long run, and may even destroy relationships. Make sure you allow them to set boundaries that you are both comfortable with.

Emotion Code and Muscle Testing

You can use muscle testing to identify your emotional issues via the emotion code chart. Emotion code and muscle testing works by helping you discover the underlying causes of symptoms you are experiencing. The emotion code helps you see how your internal issues are related to physical weakness and muscle testing helps you identify those weaknesses.  While many people may actually have blocked out the events that have led to their emotional trauma, the chart makes it possible to open up these blockages without the need to relive the events as what is required in traditional therapy sessions. You are also provided with guided courses to eventually help build positive ways of coping with the triggers of your trauma. If you struggle with muscle testing, you can also have someone perform muscle testing by proxy for you. 

Get Moving

When seeking natural ways of dealing with emotional trauma, exercise is not often the first thing that may come to mind. However, scientists have proven that the through exercise and vigorous movement, you can burn off adrenaline and release endorphins that lead to anxiety. Some suggested activities that have shown to provide effective results for treating emotional trauma include walking, swimming, running, basketball, and various types of dance. If the idea of exercising is overwhelming, start small. Go for a short walk while listening to your favorite song. As you go on, you can increase the length of your walks until you are getting a good workout. You can also go to classes by yourself or with a friend. The supportive atmosphere can make it easier to get involved.

In addition to exercise, you should seek out new experiences that prevent you from isolating yourself from the outside world. Get out and spend sometime outdoors or with animals and other living creatures. Horse or equine therapy is one example that has proven effective in helping people with depression, addiction, and other mental health disorders. If you don’t know someone who has animals you can spend time with, you can volunteer at the local shelter. Those pets need someone to love them too, and you could be the perfect person to help them.

Get Involved with a Cause

Finding activities throughout your community that you can volunteer with can be an ideal way of dealing with emotional trauma. These events require your mental as well as your physical attention. Through volunteering, you can also begin to heal by preventing the feeling of being a victim when taking a proactive approach to making a positive impact on the lives of others. There are countless opportunities with varying amounts of commitment that you can get involved with. Chances are that if you are passionate about something or interested in a topic, there is a way to get involved in that through volunteering. Just make sure when you choose something that you aren’t putting yourself in a bad situation just to help those that you perceive as worse off. If you struggle with something, find a different place to volunteer.

With methods such as the emotion code and muscle testing, you can find positive ways of dealing with the triggers of your emotional trauma. This gives you the ability to eventually gain control over your condition, so you can be empowered without the use of medications. You will also find the healing methods may work well for other stress and trauma-causing events that arise in life.

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