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3 Steps to Dramatically Improving the Quality of Your Internet Leads and Sales Pipeline Right now

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At least 99% of businesses would like it they had a richer sales pipeline that is full of leads that are both qualified and that are genuinely interested in the products and services that you have to offer.

In today’s world the digital buyers’ journey has changed to a great extent, and the way sales are carried out has drastically changed. However, even today there are a lot of businesses that believe the internet only produces terrible leads that are a bad fit or unqualified.

Although at times the leads may be bad but they are not really due to the internet or the kind of person that communicates with their businesses via the internet. A great lead comes down to only one simple element something that many companies, their marketing departments, and more importantly their web design team still doesn’t understand is “Bad messaging.”

An internet lead is only as good as the message that you send out. If you send out a message that is fluff or generic that is precisely the kind of leads that you will get. But if you only take the time to do a few simple changes in your website, you will be able to drastically improve the quality of the leads that you generate through the internet. If all works well, you will find that these can be some of the most qualified leads that you can achieve. There are three essential steps that you can take to dramatically improve the lead quality of the leads that you can generate from the internet.

Openly tell your customers who would not be a fit for you

You can create a separate section on your website that states who is and who assent a good bit for your business. Most businesses only focus on portraying who they are and what they do and do not give enough importance to telling the customers who they are not.  

By the rule of elimination, you are a.utomatically going to get more leads about the services that you do provide as opposed to the services that you do not offer. By filtering out those who are not a good fit you will automatically get leads that are more qualifies and a better fit for your company. All you had to do was add in a small section stating what you don’t do.

Make a page on the website dedicated to the what problems you solve

Irrespective of if you are sending out a sales or a marketing message you should always start it with what problems your services can solve and also mention a few of the issues that you still do not address. You should try to think like your customers and figure out a way to frame your content like how a prospective customer is more likely to look for it. By thinking like your customers not only will you be able to help them solve more problems you can also establish yourself as a thought leader and problem solver within your industry. The aim is to become a go-to company for your customers.

Embrace the power of video

Recent studies show that by the next year almost 80% of online content will consist of videos as most this will be the kind of content that customers will want to review the most. As this trend is changing so drastically, it is crucial that every single salesperson should review their sales process and look at their company as a media organization. They have to be able to teach their customers with the power of videos and at the same time also integrate videos into other parts of the sales and marketing process.

In layman terms it is clear to see that most sales professionals spend too much of their time meeting or calling potential customers and answering the same 80% questions again and again. Think about how great it would be if they are able to get rid of these questions altogether. How much time would it save if the customer already had all the answers to these questions before they meet the sales representative? It would mean that the lead is already more qualified, ready, and most importantly more willing to do business with you. You need to make sure that your sales team spends more time with the client talking shop rather than teaching them about the product or the service.

If you create a video that explains away all of these 80% questions you can ensure that your sales team is doing just that. They will spend more time closing the deal as opposed to qualifying the lead.

By implementing these three tips, you will be able to immediately improve the quality of the leads gained through the internet and fill up your sales pipeline with more leads that can be converted into customers.

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