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Do You Know These 3 Tipping Secrets?

HomeEducationalDo You Know These 3 Tipping Secrets?

Tipping is voluntary, and the amount you tip is completely up to you. Although figuring out tip amounts can get a little confusing, appropriate tipping shows the wait staff that you are grateful for their services.

You May Tip Extra for Weird Reasons

While most people have a set percentage for tipping, it’s normal to find yourself deviating from that percentage for some rather strange reasons. Many times, it’s not even a conscious decision to tip differently; your subconscious makes the decision for you.

For example, you may tip a little more because you like your server’s hair or the color of the shirt he or she is wearing. Oddly enough, your server casually touching your arm or shoulder may spark something in your subconscious that may cause you to increase your normal tip percentage. Businesses also may incentivize your tip by giving you a small token like a mint or something with your check because you will feel more positive toward them. The point is that while you may think the amount you tip is based on the quality of service provided and mathematics, there’s often a little more to it.

Some Industries Have Different Tipping Rules

It’s pretty easy to figure out how much to tip servers at restaurants. Most people know that 20 percent of the cost of the bill is the standard tipping amount and tip accordingly. However, other industries have different rules when it comes to tipping that aren’t as clear.

When deciding how much to tip your movers, you must go by an entirely different set of rules. For instance, how you tip your movers depends on a variety of factors, including distance, whether they packed or not, the amount of heavy lifting involved, and the length of the job.

Your Tip May Not Go to Your Server

You probably expect the person you tip to keep the entire amount that you gave, but this doesn’t always happen. For instance, at many restaurants, servers are required to share their tips with the rest of the staff. In fact, tips are often pooled and divided evenly among the servers, hosts, and other staff members.

Tipping is sometimes complicated, but knowing more about the practice will help you tip fairly. Keep in mind that you may subconsciously tip differently for odd reasons, that not all industries go by the same tipping etiquette, and that your tip doesn’t always go to the person you think it does. By acknowledging and addressing these issues, you’re more likely to tip the right amount more often.

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