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Learn About The New Windows 10 Tips And Tricks

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Windows 10 was introduced into the market a while ago, and ever since Windows 10 began to get popular, various questions started to pop up. People who were used to using Windows for a very long time found it difficult to adjust to Windows 10 because of the changed look that it came with. While Windows 10 is not as difficult as you may think it is, operating it initially may seem like a challenge.

The best part about Windows 10 is that you can make it work the way you want by using the best tips and tricks. Unlike any other operating system, Windows 10 is the most customizable operating system that you will find making it convenient to you to play around with your computer or laptop and adjust it just the way you want. Here are some interesting things that you can do with your Windows 10 computer.

Get It To Behave The Way You Want

One of the best things about Windows 10 is that you can customize the entire appearance, functionality and even update your system whenever you want. Whether you want to add new accounts, change the language of the font or even manage security you will be able to operate and control every little feature that Windows 10 comes with making it one of the best operating systems in the market today. You can also figure out the windows module. If you are wondering how to do this then you can learn this here now.

Desktop Shortcuts

Another great thing about Windows 10 is that you can create shortcut on your desktop with simplicity. All you need to do is go to the settings page and you will be able to create multiple shortcuts to your desktop saving you a lot of time that you are initially investing in having to go to the individual applications are so that you could use it. In a date and time with people spend most of the time struggling to get things done in a limited time frame; this is an extremely beneficial feature that Windows 10 has to offer.

Internet Explorer On Windows 10

There is no denying that Google Chrome has been one of the most favorable browsers for a very long time. People have ignored internet explorer from the time Google Chrome was introduced, however with the all new spruced up operating system, Internet Explorer is now here to create a bang all over again. The Internet Explorer that comes with Windows 10 is fast, efficient and you will be able to work on it effectively and consistently. If you thought that Google Chrome has all the latest features, it’s time for you to give the all new internet explorer on Windows 10 a try today and see just how convenient it is to work on.

Block Future Updates

If there is one thing that troubles people a lot is their laptop getting updated time and again. While these updates are only built in to make your experience better, the time that it takes to get these updates downloaded and installed is very frustrating. While many people think that it is mandatory to get these updates installed, you should know that you do have the option to switch off the automatic updates feature in Windows 10.

This operating system is smart enough to know which updates are useful to you and which of these can be discarded. This is done on the basis of your usage data that has been collected by windows.

Undo Your Update

There are a number of people that have switched to Windows 10 and regret the way it looks or the way it functions. Users that were used to Windows 8 have a lot to complain about and rightly so. However if you give it enough time, you will get used to the functionalities of Windows 10 and you will realize that this version is better than the previous one. If you are not very happy with Windows 10 after you have installed it, you still have the option of rolling back the update within a month of changing your operating system.

Snipping Tool Trick

The new snipping tool that is available in Windows 10 is more than just something that you can take a screenshot with. With the help of the snipping tool you will be able to take screenshots at preset intervals. You have the option of selecting the delay in the screenshots at the top of the menu bar. This was a feature that was not available in the previous versions of Windows.

New Login Method

Most of the people are used to a password to login to their laptop or their computer. This was the norm till Windows 8.1. In the new Windows 10 operating system you will be able to login to your laptop or computer using a password or pin or even a picture. These are additional safety features that have been introduced by Windows and many users love these new features.

New Keyboard Shortcuts

The Windows 10 operating system helps users do a lot more in lesser time. One of the new added features include a complete list of keyboard shortcuts that help users get their work done quickly and efficiently.

Battery Life

One of the things that irritate most users is low battery life in laptops. People spend a lot of money on replacing the laptop battery and even replacing the charger. The new Windows 10 comes with a longer battery life because of a new battery saver mode that comes built into the laptop with the new update. This battery saver mode helps to cut down on a few background applications and ensures that your system runs smoothly and your daily work is not hindered. You will be able to step out of the home or office comfortably without worrying about your laptop dying.

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