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    The best thing about study in France is, the top cities for the students are some of the world’s favourite tourist places. Not many countries in the world have that balance about that. Maybe it is simply the fact that everywhere you go in France, there is a world class institution around, and you cannot take away the art and culture away from the country itself. What are some of the best examples, where the international students can make the most out of their time in France, along with learning in some of the most prestigious Universities in the world.


    Is this even a surprise? The universal capital of art, culture, fashion and tourism has many of the top ranked universities in the world. Not only in France, these universities are well renowned across the globe for their education, research, exposure and employability factor. There is a range of specializations one can only dream of, from art studios to engineering and applied science universities, Paris has it all. The streets are filled with tourists and international students, making the city vibrant and alive, just what it is known for. You can have a look at the following Universities in France : Paris Sorbonne University, Ecole Polytechnique


    Lyon is nearer to Switzerland and Italy, sitting right besides the Alps. It offers the landscapes that one sees on the French Postcards. It has the same educational significance as Paris has, as far as the Study in France is concerned. Universite de Lyon offers some of the best Masters in France programs, and it is also known for the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon. Lyon is a city where you can see thousands of international students, giving the city its cultural diversity. The best thing about Lyon? It gives you everything Paris has, at the very affordable prices.


    You might not have heard of this one, as it is one of the most underrated destinations in France. It is actually the hub of aerospace industry in France. The city is located at the southwestern part of the country, where the climate is pleasant, and pleasant it says all year around. Toulouse is home to some of the country’s oldest universities. The University of Toulouse 1, and University of Toulouse Mirail are the major Universities, and the international standards of education and research facilities are a constant in this part of the France, too.


    The city is one of the economical option for the international student, and at the same time it does not compromise on the quality of education. Lille is that picturesque city you think of when you hear the word “France”. The city centre of Lille is still holding onto its glory, with the cobblestone pedestrians, Brick houses and medieval feel of the town. Lille used to be a commercial hub of the France, and it is reviving its place slowly and steadily. Today, It is the fourth largest metropolitan area of France, making it a lucrative option to pursue one’s further education. The universities you can check out: University of Lille, Lille Catholic University, ESC Lille and many more.

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