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10 Facts About Paris Serviced Apartments That Will Blow Your Mind

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Paris has many epithets, particularly being the City of Love. It is a magical city with some of the biggest global landmarks. From the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower, there is plenty to do and see here. Paris is also known for its cultural magnificence and artistic excellence. A global hub of fashion and fine dining, Paris also has a fascinating historical legacy. As a traveller, you have chosen the best destination for your upcoming trip. Paris will keep you ever-busy with its mélange of delights. 

Yet, before you touch down in Paris, you should book your accommodation in advance. This is because Paris is a busy city, attracting thousands of people every year. Hence it is always necessary to book your accommodation beforehand. This extends to other tickets for tourist attractions too. It will help you avoid the rush and give you time to compare and choose accommodation. In this context, it is suitable to mention serviced apartments. They are the best picks for all travellers in Paris. Why is this so? Serviced apartments come with a multitude of benefits over conventional hospitality accommodation. They offer greater privacy and flexibility while doubling up as second homes. You can stay for shorter or longer periods without hassles. Serviced apartments are revolutionizing hospitality experiences in Paris. 

On that note, here’s taking a look at some fascinating facts about Paris serviced apartments.

1. You only have to move into your apartment- Choosing a serviced apartment in Paris is sheer bliss. It means that you only have to move in. Making the payment online is all that you need. Once you confirm your booking and pay the requisite amount, your job gets over. Everything else is the provider’s responsibility. This includes maintenance charges, utility bills, agency charges and deposits. You also do not have to worry about cutlery, bedding, and furnishings. 

2. Furnished apartments- You will love to see plush and furnished apartment options here. There are units which come with almost everything. From comfortable sofas to beds, wardrobes and curtains, you get everything! These units save you the hassle of renting furniture while you are staying in Paris. 

3. They are secure- If you are someone who worries about security and privacy, fret not! Paris offers serviced apartments which come with all the security offerings possible. These include CCTV surveillance for common areas, security personnel and more. You even get alarms, fire safety provisions, and intercom facilities at many apartments. These add to your peace of mind. 

4. You can expect great connectivity- Most Paris serviced apartments lie near major landmarks. You will find everything at your fingertips. From public transportation facilities to business hubs, they are all within easy access. You can also reach important tourist landmarks and attractions with ease. Paris serviced apartments also offer good connectivity to nightlife destinations and leading restaurants. All in all, you will be at the heart of the action throughout your stay. 

5. They offer added amenities- Staying at a Paris serviced apartment has some perks. Many units offer extra facilities like swimming pools and gymnasiums. Some even come with conferencing facilities and business centres. Many have outdoor areas or rooftop recreational zones. Some units even come with food and beverage options on the premises. You may also find units with parking space (if you are renting a vehicle) and elevators. 

6. Connectivity is never an issue- AParis serviced apartment means smooth connectivity. They offer complimentary or free Wi-Fi in most cases. You can stay in touch with your loved ones or get some work done. The signal will never get in the way! 

7. Find all the appliances you desire– From washer-dryer machines to ovens, find them all. You will find all the appliances you need for day-to-day living. It only reinforces that second home feeling while in Paris. 

8. Cook your own meals- If you love eating healthy and cooking your meals, then these apartments are for you. You will find well-equipped kitchens in Paris serviced apartments. They offer everything from kitchen tools and cooking essentials to appliances. 

9. Entertainment is always available– Get round-the-clock entertainment with flat-screen televisions at your disposal. Paris serviced apartments offer televisions and cable or satellite channels often. It helps you unwind after a long day of work or exploration. 

10. Mental peace is a 24-7 proposition- Paris serviced apartments offer smooth customer support. If you book from a reputed provider, then you can expect 24-7 help. It helps you stay mentally free without any worries. You can get your queries addressed at your convenience. It adds to your experience since someone is always looking out for you in another city/country. This is one of the biggest features making serviced apartments excellent choices. 

As you can see, Paris serviced apartments are the best options for your upcoming trip. They offer all the privacy and convenience you need. Conventional hospitality units do not give you as much space. Serviced apartments come in various configurations. You can choose the number of bedrooms and size, depending on your needs. If it is a family trip, these apartments ensure ample space for everyone. If it is a business trip, then you get the amenities you desire. Irrespective of the duration of your stay, that special homely feeling is always a winner. Serviced apartments also give you the option to call friends/colleagues over. There are no intrusions in your space, though you get the services you desire. 

Choose from a wide range of serviced apartments in Paris before you visit. Remember to compare neighbourhoods and amenities before you book. Also, plan your itinerary beforehand. List out all key tourist attractions. Book their tickets to avoid last-minute queues and rushes. Paris has everything you need to have a great time. A little planning and homework are all you need to ensure at the outset. Here’s to a wonderful journey ahead! Paris is ready to welcome you with outstretched arms!

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