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What is the Landing Page; what are the benefits you can derive from it?

Home Content Marketing What is the Landing Page; what are the benefits you can derive...

Converting visitors into leads is the initial step in creating a relationship between your enterprise and a potential customer. But to convert such visitors into leads, visitors must be prompted through an effective calls-to-action to provide their valuable information. To fulfill this purpose, the landing page has emerged as the most effective tool. A landing page is a kind of web page where your visitors lands on (redirected to) after clicking an email, any link in an email or a call-to-action on social media. For example, you can link the sign-up button of your Facebook business page to the landing page. This means whenever any visitor of the Facebook page will click on the sign-up button, he will be redirected to the Landing Page.

Web page vs dedicated landing page

Many people think that landing page and the web page are one and the same thing, but, in reality, both these are distinct to each other. Web pages (various pages of a website) form the hierarchical structure of your website and include pages like the home page, about us, services, etc.

Whereas, landing pages are solely designed to convert your visitors into customers. Unlike web pages, landing pages typically don’t include external links or navigation to other pages. Their only agenda is to make visitors click the call-to-action. The landing page must have specific content and functionality in order to:

  • Gather visitor data such as name, mobile number, email
  • Attract visitor
  • Convert leads to customers

Why does a landing page convert more than a home page?

a) The landing page is more relevant to the search query

The landing page is designed with a purpose in mind and hence is highly relevant to the search query. You can customize your landing page for specific keywords, but you cannot change the message on the entire website for every promotion you run.

b) The landing page is more focused

The landing page is always accompanied by a single call-to-action and hence focuses highly on conversions. The page is devoid of distractions and there is just one action to take which is conversion.

Landing page uses

There are several reasons for which Landing page templates are used. Some of the most common uses of the landing page are :

  • Events/Webinar Registration
  • Product Demo
  • Free-Trial sign-up
  • E – Newsletter sign-up
  • Blog sign-up
  • Podcasts
  • Consultation service offers\White papers\reports

Benefits of landing pages ::

Get more leads, more conversions

A landing page gives you more leads with the same number of clicks. If we define it more specifically, it increases conversions. Conversion happens when a visitor takes action on your offer by filling up the form, makes a purchase or takes an action you want him to take. Conversion rate is the total number of conversions divided by the total number of visits. For example, if 100 people visit your landing page and 5 people fill it, it means it has a conversion rate of 5%.

Leverage your SEO rank

To maintain an eminent presence on digital platforms, businesses need to be constantly generating quality content which must be relevant to the requirement of the audience. With a landing page, you can uplift your SEO rank across various search engines like google, yahoo, etc. These search engines rank your website in given search results based on your content authenticity and relevance. A relevant landing page with reach organic content will certainly improve your rank in the search engines.

Provides the solution to the problems

As far as the website is concerned, it gives customers with loads of information about the product or service. In generic terms, it may seem good but it doesn’t always work when it comes to making the most of a specific offer. A website visitor will be overloaded with so much information to navigate via one web page that they might just give up the idea of buying anything. A landing page, on the other hand, provides a feasible solution to the problems and encourage people to submit their name, mobile number and email address to cater to their needs.

Enhances the trustworthiness of your brand

Well written and optimized landing page makes you credible in the eyes of your audience. This is because when you design a landing page for your audience, you actually offer them a specific solution to their one of the problems. Such exercise will please your audience and will build positive perceptions about your brand in their eyes. In this way, your credibility increases over time.

Eventually, it can be concluded that a landing page is a great marketing tool which prompts visitors to take the desired action. It is recommended for enterprises to undergo the optimum use of landing pages to derive many benefits.

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