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    3D printing is one of the most important technological advancement in additive manufacturing which has been implemented and recognized as a part of the modern industry. 3D printing has many advantages over conventional approach of which one of the most important factors which is time. 3D printing circuits is one of the strongly growing sectors of the 3D printing industry.

    As 3D printing circuits are moving from concept to adoption, some companies are experimenting with this disruptive technology to take electronics to a new dimension.

    We looked at the 12-month (April 2018– March 2019) patent filing in the technology space of 3D Printed Circuits. Based on the graphs listed below, it can be observed that patenting activity gained traction in the fused deposition modelling technology. In addition to that, Selective Laser Sintering patents also witnessed a high filing, which corresponded to the numerous applications of Laser Metal Sintering/Melting processes during the study period.

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    The technology landscape of 3D printed circuits is a mix of mature companies, start-ups and universities with Northrop Grumman Systems as the most active in patent filing followed by Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology and Phillips.

    Given below are the table of contents on 3d printing patent landscape.

    Table of content:

    • Introduction
    • Patent Search Strategy
    • Summary
    • Technical Segmentation (Patent Categories)
    • Technology Evolution Trend
    • Technology Insights

    Key Raw Materials Involved

    • Copper
    • Aluminium
    • Gold
    • Epoxy Resin

    Key Electronic Components Manufactured

    • PCB
    • Transistors
    • Sensors

    Key 3D Printer Technologies

    • DLP
    • SLS
    • FDM
    • 3D printed Circuits – Materials vs Technologies
    • 3D printed Circuits product Analysis
    • Commercialized Products
    • Prototypes

    Recent Technological Innovation Top Players

    • Philips
    • Northrop Grumman
    • Global Circuit Innovation
    • Research activity around world
    • Companies – Key Statistics
    • Inventor – Key Statistics
    • Company activity across technologies
    • Company activity across materials
    • Company activity across applications

    Inventor groups of key companies in 3D printed Circuits
    Key 3D printed Circuits companies across different technologies
    Company Profiling
    Merger & Collaborations
    Appendix: Search Strings Used for Categorization
    Sources & References

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