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Cavities- A Hole with a Role

HomeWellnessCavities- A Hole with a Role

The appearance of dental cavities supposes that the dental tissues have been destroyed, breaking the integrity of the affected tooth in such a way that a perforation of the tooth reaches the pulp. And then it becomes inflamed, which is called pulpitis.

The treatment of cavities is essential when avoiding major problems, since the tooth can be completely lost and complicated by other pathologies: Periodontitis, Dental abscess, Cellulitis and involvement of the supporting bone.

It is a disease that has its origin in the bacterial activity that exists in the oral cavity. These bacteria produce acid from the remains of the food and it attacks the teeth causing its demineralization.

However, there are other exogenous factors, most of which are preventable, which enhance the bacterial activity and, consequently, favor the appearance of cavities:

Poor oral hygiene

It is essential to wash your teeth after each meal and do it correctly, accessing the inter-dental spaces and the line of the gums that is where bacteria accumulate more easily to form tartar. If the teeth are not washed or done incorrectly, the bacterial plaque accumulates on the tooth enamel and its activity is favored.

Diet rich in sugars and starches (carbohydrates)

This type of food, especially if eaten outside the meals facilitate that the cariogenic bacteria are activated to digest them and produce acids that attack the teeth. If it is done, it is best to wash your teeth after eating them.

Lack of fluoride

Fluorine is necessary for remineralization of teeth and this is the reason why most toothpaste contains this mineral. Once again, proper dental hygiene is important to prevent tooth decay.

Dry mouth

One of the functions of saliva is to contribute to the elimination of bacteria, so the loss of salivary flow helps the multiplication of these microorganisms and to enhance their activity. Tobacco and alcohol promote dry mouth, as do certain diseases and medications.

Poor education about dental health

It must be the responsibility of parents to teach their children everything related to dental health and how to maintain it: hygiene, nutrition, etc. In addition, they should be accustomed to visiting the dentist periodically.

Avoid dental check-ups

It is an especially important factor in adults. Oral hygiene, even if done correctly, sometimes is not enough to prevent the accumulation of tartar below the gum line or inter-dental spaces. You should visit a dental hospital every six months.


Dental cavities are associated with the following causes

  • The intake of foods with a high content of sugar and carbonated beverages (soft drinks whose acids can harm the teeth).
  • Incorrect oral hygiene techniques, such as the lack of dental brushing, the use of inappropriate toothpaste or the absence of dental floss. In addition, it must be taken into account that some teeth, due to their morphology or position, retain more or less oral biofilm. Thus, the posterior teeth (molars and premolars) are the most susceptible to decay and, therefore, it is necessary to brush them more thoroughly.
  • Decreased pH of saliva has an influence on the appearance of caries.
  • A diet with a high presence of fermentable carbohydrates.
  • Allow a lot of time between ingesting and brushing. The more time passes, the more chances there are for bacteria to attack and acids to affect the tooth.
  • The inherited genetic susceptibility. There are people who are more prone to tooth decay.
  • Sleeping with the bottle (in the case of the smallest children), since the teat remains next to the palatal surfaces of the upper anterior teeth for more than 8 hours. Suction bottles and nozzle cups can also lead to their appearance.
  • Some drugs alter the composition of the oral biofilm and the pH of the mouth so that those who ingest them are more susceptible to caries. In addition, sugar is the major component of antacid pills, syrups and cough drops, products that children often take. Sweetened medications can be particularly problematic for those who suffer from chronic diseases and follow long-term therapies.
  • Other factors that influence the formation of caries are age, general health, fluorides, the degree of education, socioeconomic status and past caries experiences.

If you are suffering from the cavities, it is advisable to search and visit a dental clinic near me.

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