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Tips on cleaning the kitchen

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Keeping the kitchen clean is a tedious task, failing to which, you may end up getting numerous cockroaches in your kitchen. The chopper, the food storage area, the refrigerator, as well as the workspace in the kitchen, is much hassle to be cleaned.

So let us take a look at the following:

The Wooden Cabinets

The oily vapours caused by the tempering over the food and the deep-fried french fries root a lot of stickiness to the wooden cabinets of the kitchen. Wiping away this is a time consuming, tiring task. Blend hydrogen peroxide with baking soda in water, and apply the solution to clean the cabinets easily.

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Oily clutters

Washing off the oily clutters are not troublesome any more when cleaned by undiluted vinegar damped in a clean and dry cloth. Rinse the rag then with warm water, wringing off the moisture, rinse it again.

Utensil burns

Did you burn the utensil on which you were cooking? Nevermind, mix the dishwashing solution with warm water and put it in the appliance. Once the water normalizes, wash it gently again with water to get rid of the burns.

Stove burners

Use lukewarm water and dishwashing detergent to coat the burners. Make a thick paste of baking soda and water and apply on it for twenty minutes. Rinse it after scrubbing it by a biodegradable kitchen sponge.


Add one-fourth cup of baking soda to litre water and wipe the dishwasher with a soft cloth to clean the dishwasher.

Electric kettle

Cleansing the electric kettle is yet another difficult task to achieve. The mineral deposits stick to the corners of the pot, affecting its performance and shortening its life. Getting cleaned will merely need vinegar and water to get boiled in it.


Put two tablespoons of baking soda in a cup of water and microwave it high for two minutes, then wipe it with a retro kitchen biodegradable dishcloth or with a sponge.


Cleaning the crusty white stuff around the fixtures merely need distilled vinegar and a clean rag. Have a bit of patience, and you can get them away.


Daily mopping is not enough to clean the kitchen floors. Get a good kitchen cleaner and scrubber and seldom clean the floor using it to get rid of the greasy buildup on it.

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Baking sheets

Clean the baking sheets sprinkling baking soda, then hydrogen peroxide. Wipe them off a few minutes with a sponge or clean cloth to make them shine.

Disposal of garbage

Put half-cup baking soda and another half cup of vinegar into the drain. Allow it to fizzle it for fifteen minutes, then on the garbage disposal and pour hot water for half a minute.

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Cast iron pans

At first, wipe off the excess oil from the pans, then rinsing it with hot water, use a small amount of soap and scrub it with an HbS Reusable ‘Scrubby’ Unsponge Heavy Duty “Gum Nut”, or order a bamboo hairbrush in Australiato get the pans cleaned.

Slow cooker

Mix soap with water and turn it on for an hour, then after scrub it with baking soda if needed.

Instant Pot

Steam the pot with a cup of water, a cup of vinegar and a few lemon peels to get away from the smell, yet cleaning it.

Cutting board

Rub the board with lemon, and you can bleach away the stains even without scrubbing much.


Turn off the fridge, emptying it, wipe all the surfaces with a dishwashing liquid using a sponge or dishcloth. Make sure to use warm water for cleaning; use baking soda for stubborn spots.

Granite Counterparts

A soapy cloth, moistened with warm water will be enough to clean the granite counterparts daily. Use dish detergent and rubbing alcohol for deeper cleaning.

Cleaning the other things

Get the reusable disinfecting wipes to clean the rest of the kitchen, keeping the kitchen fresh. The advantage of these wipes is that you can wash and use them umpteen times.

Wrapping up

Now, as you are aware of the cleansing tricks to clean your kitchen, start cleaning your now.

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