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What is Phone Unlocking and how it can be done?

HomeTechnologyWhat is Phone Unlocking and how it can be done?

There is a possibility that your phone might be unlocked. Also, you may know the passcode or it may be jail-broken. At times, your carrier does not allow using other SIMs from the competitors.  Your phone may be locked to a single carrier. If this is the case your phone is carrier-locked. In this scenario you will not be able to use any other company’s SIM on your phone. To prevent this from happening you will need to unlock your phone. This particular activity is known as unlocking and in this article we will have a look at the key aspects related to unlocking of phone. So, if you want to Unlock iPhone or unlock Samsung phone, you can follow the process mentioned here.

Firstly, it must be considered whether it is legal or illegal to unlock the phone. The answer is that previously, the unlocking of phones was considered illegal. But based on the recent laws, it is perfectly legal to unlock the phone. In fact there are many professional companies established, which are providing the services of Phone-Unlocking.

By unlocking you phone you can use any SIM of any network on your phone. It should be stressed here that it is difficult to overcome the GSM/CDMA restrictions of your phone. The GSM and CDMA Sims cannot be used interchangeable. That is a GSM SIM cannot be used with CDMA device. Similarly, a CDMA cannot be used along with GSM phone.

In case you are deciding to leave your carrier in near future, you should first try to unlock your phone. You should try to unlock your phone, before your contract with the present carrier is expired. This will leave you in better situation as you can be in trouble if you are not able to use the services of your first carrier.

Why are most of the new phones, carrier locked?

You will find that most of the new phones that you will buy are carrier locked or locked to a particular network. If you want to unlock your phone you can do it in one of the three ways mentioned below:

  • You can contact your carrier to get your phone unlocked. You have to request your carrier to unlock your phone as you wanted to use the services of other carriers.
  • If you don’t want to contact your carrier for this, you can buy an unlock code. There are many online marketplaces, from where you can buy your unlock code.
  • There can also be the case when your phone was not locked at all. That is there is a possibility that your phone is unlocked from the beginning and there is no such restriction put by your carrier on your phone.
  • The above three are the options, which you should follow to unlock your phone. You should spend time on all these tasks as they are important and may take some time. You can directly contact your carrier or can also a third party approach for the same.

Was your phone already unlocked?

It is best to first check the inherent features of your phone. There are chances that your phone is already unlocked and it was given to you as a gift from the manufacturer. That is you were not told about it but you were offered this feature. To check it whether this is the case, you have to try operating your phone with a SIM from different provider. If it works well with other SIM, it means that your phone is already unlocked. You should change the SIM and boot it to see whether your phone is able to perform with other SIM.

Unlocking the Phone

If you find that your phone is carrier locked, you can try contacting your carrier to unlock your phone. When you contact your carrier with the request to unlock your phone, you should first of all mention your name. Along with name, you will be required to put your SIM number or account number. The device number should also be mentioned in the application.

Along with the above mentioned information, you are required to provide any account management password that you have set. It should be stressed here that before following this procedure, your phone should not be stolen, damaged or associated with any fraudulent activity. It will be best if you provide purchasing documentation along with the application.

Following the above steps will help you to present your case in front of your carrier company. You should provide all the relevant information or any other information asked by the company after you have presented your case. As we know that this process is a little lengthy one, you should stay calm and try to cooperate with the proceedings of your carrier company to unlock your phone.

Buying the unlock code

The last and final way to get your phone unlocked is to buy the unlock code through the online platforms. There are many reputable websites existing on the web, from where you can get these unlock codes. You can choose the best website based on the reviews and can also compare the costs of these websites. You can try to choose the website, which is offering you their service in least cost. You will be required to first register on the website offering these services. After the registration process, you will be asked to put the relevant information related to your phone. Once everything is complete, you will be prompted to complete the transaction through paypal.

Thus, we have seen the key ways to unlock your phones. If you want to unlock LG or Unlock at&t iPhone, follow the method mentioned above.

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