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5 Common Questions about the Use of Online Video Platforms for E-learning

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Are you still searching the internet for ‘what are eLearning platforms? Well, the global e-learning market size will be around $ 375 billion by the end of 2026. It is the right time to launch an education video platform as the e-learning industry’s CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) is impressive.

E-learning refers to a style of education where the courses are provided digitally without the need for physical classrooms. With the use of the latest technologies, students can study a course from a remote location. E-learning is also referred to as online learning or distance learning by students and teachers. Read on to know about eLearning trends and the benefits of using a video learning platform.

How a Video Platform for Education Helps Teachers in Providing Better Education?

The textbooks used by teachers in physical classrooms do not contain the latest information. One cannot bring the latest version of a textbook every day when stepping into a class. However, with online learning platforms, teachers can share the updated information with students. An educational video platform will let teachers share documents during an online class with updated information. You can launch an interactive video platform for education that follows an asynchronous learning approach. With an asynchronous eLearning platform, students can always backtrack to revise the course.

What Are the Latest Innovations in the E-learning Industry?

Online video education platforms use several innovations in the eLearning industry to provide a better learning experience to students. Some of the latest innovations in the eLearning industry are as follows:

Storytelling-based Approach

Real-life stories can make the courses more relatable to students. For example, in a health and training online course, real-life incidents can be discussed for a more detailed description. Students can relate to real-life incidents and will remember them for long as compared to ordinary classroom lectures. Teachers are nowadays using a storytelling-based approach on eLearning platforms so students can feel a connection with the course.

With an eLearning platform, teachers can narrate an illustrated or an animated story to students. The ending of a real-life story will work as an important lesson for your students. Many reputed platforms for eLearning offer great visual representations for story-based learning.

Personalised Courses

You can conduct an online survey/poll to decide the course of action for an eLearning program. You can research the type of learning approach preferred by students and can implement it right away. Video learning platforms are highly customizable and, you can change the course of action depending on the preferences of students. Each student enrolled in your online classroom can get a personalized experience via an online video learning platform.


Gamification is the latest innovation in eLearning where learning is inculcated in a game. Simulated and game-based environments are created for students for a more practical experience. Students can compete with each other to secure better scores and, in the meantime gathering experiences. For example, for online medical courses, students can be asked to provide suggestions to clients based on their medical problems. In the end, they could gather points for providing the right medical suggestion to clients.

How Personalized Learning Paths Can Help Students?

Wouldn’t it be better if the learners could decide their learning paths for any course? A reliable eLearning platform will let the learner decide the pace of the course. Learners can also set their personalized goals before starting an online course. A fixed learning path may not be suitable for every learner out there. A video eLearning platform will let students choose the learning path based on their preferences.

With a personalized learning path, students can connect with faculty members and achieve their personal goals. It is not possible in a physical classroom where the teacher goes on with a fixed learning path and pace. Besides adapting to a pre-defined learning pace, students can decide their learning pace via an eLearning platform. Personalized eLearning paths also include online activities and exercises that enhance the learning experience. The main motive of personalized eLearning video platforms is to find the best learning strategy for each student. Students can take advantage of better video illustrations that can help them learn faster. In a physical classroom, mass learning is implemented and, students can never get a personalized experience.

How Customized Learning Experience Can Help Students?

eLearning via an online video platform offers flexibility to students. Students can customize an online course according to their learning and understanding ability. As a course provider, you can mentor individual students via a quick query session. eLearning enhances the communication between teachers and students as compared to traditional classes. An eLearning platform will allow you to collect feedback from students and shape the online courses according to their preferences.

Diverse course materials can be shared with students via an eLearning platform. Videos, photos, eBooks, and many other course materials can be provided to students via an online education platform. Students feel more flexible when they can stream eLearning videos anytime according to their schedule. eLearning video courses online also allow students to backtrack the study resources whenever needed. Students can view the same lecture repeatedly which, does not happen in physical classrooms. With a reliable eLearning platform, you can allow students to customize the courses according to their competencies.

How E-learning Education Platforms Are Cost-effective?

Online courses are more affordable than traditional classrooms. Students can choose specialized online courses for any topic instead of the whole subject. Students can browse from various available online courses and choose economically. Students do not need to be in the same place for accessing eLearning videos online. They do not need to invest in any special equipment for an online course.

Students can also save money on class materials and notes as they are generally free. They can have longer access to information as compared to traditional classroom courses. You can set up your eLearning video platform for less money than setting up a physical institution.

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To Sum Things Up

E-Learning has solved the age-old problems with the education system that are time slot and cost dependent. Education is not meant to be available in classrooms only. It should be available for all and eLearning makes it possible. You can choose a reliable provider for launching your secure eLearning video platform.

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