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Career Opportunities in Healthcare Outside of Doctors

Home Wellness Career Opportunities in Healthcare Outside of Doctors

The field of healthcare is a great place to work if you are someone that cares a great deal about other people. Some people would just rather use their hands, meet new people each day and help others, instead of working in an office building where you don’t see much of what is going on outside. You might not have the time or money to invest in becoming a doctor, but there are still a lot of great professions that exist within the healthcare field. Some of them only take a couple of years to prepare for.


There are a number of different technicians that exist within the field of healthcare. Medical technicians can work in an emergency room, in a maternity ward, in a private practice and at a nursing home. You can really choose the type of location that you want to be in. You’ll focus on many different duties that include taking blood, running tests, assisting doctors during procedures, etc. The training required varies based on the job you are looking to do.

Administrative Roles

There are several very important roles in various healthcare management positions that are necessary for practices to function. You don’t have to work with patients directly, if that’s something you’re not interested in. A back office position can focus on things like billing, scheduling, maintaining records, working with pharmacies and handling medical insurance issues.


Being a nurse is a very fast-paced job that focuses on many different duties throughout a shift. If you like to stay busy at work, this is definitely the career to be involved in. Nurses work in many different medical settings. You can find positions in hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and more. Depending on what type of nurse you want to be, your education level can range anywhere from 2 years and upwards. Patients rely on great nursing care, but the doctors and other healthcare professionals at an office rely on them as well.

Home Health Aide

There are many people who are living at home, but still in need of medical care on a daily basis. Not everybody has to reside in a nursing home or spend an extended stay at a hospital. Many people have the goal of going home. Supportive care can come from a home health aide for things like medication administration, bathing, rehabilitation, household chores and monitoring vitals. This is a job that a lot of people find interesting. It’s also very flexible. You can often set your own hours with your clients, making it convenient to work around your home life.

Contemplating a career in the healthcare field can be a very big decision. It’s important to look at all of the different jobs that are available to you. This will help you decide what kind of education you want to achieve, and you can figure out the type of job that you’re ultimately shooting for depending on your area of interest.

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