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    We are mentally burdened by our everyday thoughts. This will let us lose sight and mind of what Is important. What we need to do, is to embrace living in the NOW!

    We shouldn’t forget the past…But make the presence more enjoyable!

    Our past allows us to appreciate the beauty and mold the presence. The past serves as a time of reflection and to realize that the more we create pleasant memories, Is the more we can appreciate our current moment. We must embrace and accept the power of NOW. Dwelling on a circumstance that happened has past and the future is yet to come, At this moment all we have Is NOW to LIVE In. Don’t waste that moment. Stop dwelling on the negative, the Universe only provides what you fill your mind with. Start making a difference by re-shaping your thoughts, If still a child. Do you realize that a child after a certain age before adapting their parents’ beliefs and adaptive programming, they are filled with curiosity and excitement. They are always open-minded and absorb themselves in the presence.

    Being Aware

    Are we conscious of what is happening NOW, Are we aware of our breathing. what we are eating or the experience of eating, what are we saying, what are we doing and ultimately what are we thinking, as our thoughts make who we are.

    ‘Having Too Much Time On Our Hands’

    Are you a slave to time on your hand? this can distract us from living in the NOW. We are always focused on the next few minutes or hours from NOW. Instead of feeling and being in the presence of NOW. Start feeling NOW.


    Whether gyrating or moving to that upbeat afro music, jogging up the hill or grinding your way in the gym, exercise allows the body to be in the moment. I personally enjoy jogging because of going uphill surrounded by the green landscape.

    Getting Rid of Mind Clutter

    The mind is the collector of information, if we are unaware of the daily junk entering our minds, we cannot learn to live in the NOW. Are you the type of person spends time thinking about what color to wear on a given day? Thinking less simplifies the mind which will help to de-clutter mind junk and focus on what really matters.

    Time is running out, what are you doing in the moment? I want to hear how more aware you are this week.

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