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    As technology advances, parents find that their children spend more time on electronic devices. Entertainment can be a positive thing, but it can be challenging when adolescents are too engrossed into their phones or video games. Fortunately, parents can limit technology use by putting some boundaries in place.

    Internet and Social Media

    Let’s face it, the internet is now a part of daily life. From checking email to working, it seems as though everyone relies on the internet, and kids are no different. Social media use has skyrocketed. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are constantly available and constantly in our lives. With 81% of households using some type of social media, it’s a good idea to set some limits. Many cellular devices come equipped with parental controls to limit usage. For example, you can set limits on when your child’s phone is active. Your carrier allows you to stop usage after a certain time, such as 9:00 p.m. You can also download parental control apps for your child’s devices to ensure they’re adhering to the boundaries you’ve set.


    Many children spend hours a day watching T.V., but a discerning parent will notice if a child is too focused on it. You have various options for how you can limit the time your kid spends channel surfing. Start by setting an example. If your child sees you constantly watching T.V., they’re likely to do the same. Why not set aside the time for a technology-free family game night? You can also set physical limits on how much television your child can watch daily. If you decide to not have the T.V. set on after 9:00 p.m., just turn it off. As a parent, you can also remove any electronic devices from your child’s room before they go to bed. Alternatively, many cable providers also include an option to set parental controls directly through the cable box. While your child may still watch a lot of television, at least you’ll know they’re watching age-appropriate programming.

    Video Games

    Like television, video games are a frequent source of children’s entertainment. Some games promote mental stimulation, but other games can have the opposite effect. You can set boundaries for gameplay, though, to ensure your child isn’t spending too much time with the console. A simple solution is to encourage other activities. When your child comes home from school, you can always suggest playing outside or doing homework as opposed to lounging with a video game. For a more hands-on approach, it’s easy to physically limit game play by putting a device up after an elapsed amount of time. If you feel your child should only play two hours a day, just take the game away after that deadline is up. 

    We live in a society where technology has taken over, and it’s always a good idea to set boundaries for your kids. You want them to have fun but also learn to not rely so heavily on the internet, TV, and video games. Stay connected with your children and encourage them to step away from the screen. This is just one way you can instill the right values in your children.

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