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Boost your career prospects, get certified (Updated)

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Career-growth depends on various factors. Consistent skill development, proficiency in your chosen area, and validated credentials for the job are among few factors that can truly tell how your career will grow.

Even though skill assessment is subject to employer’s discretion;still validated skills from recognized institutions have the potential to push one’s career forward. Several certification bodies involved in credentialing offer various certifications based on experience-level. As such, employers are increasingly looking for certified workers. Global certification industry is expanding every passing day.

Certifications, for many business areas like human resources, finance, etc., have become imperative. Therefore, in an increasingly competitive talent market, employers are choosing to hire certified workers over non-certified worker. According to a Pay Scale report, a certified human resources professionals can earn 15% more than non-certified workers. Similarly, the report says, a certified professional has more chances of getting promoted than a non-certified one. So certifications aren’t only helpful to employers to separate chaff from wheat, but financially rewarding for workers too.

How else certifications help candidates?
Career progression is definitely the major reason for talking a certification, but more than an outcome, it’s a by-product of the process candidates undergo during their certification.

Here are some ways taking a certification help candidates –


Getting your skills validated from a third-part boosts confidence. A certification can be viewed as an appreciation for the skills you have or the skills you have developed. Both ways, knowing that you are a valued candidate by industry’s standards will increase your confidence.

Increase in career- scope

Taking vendor neutral certifications, opens more job opportunities and offers more areas of work. For instance, Certified Blockchain Engineer from CBCA, allows you to progress as a developer, consultant, and engineer roles in the block-chain industry. Similarly, other vendor-neutral IT certifications empower you to take on multiple roles.

Increase in salary

As described earlier, certified candidates earn more than their non-certified counterparts. Pursuing a certification imparts business-centric skills, which eventually translates into better bottom line for companies. Employers, therefore, tend to pay higher wage to certified workers.

Preferred for leadership roles

Several employers have reported that certified employees work more efficiently than non-certified candidates. Therefore, organizations prefer to hire certified workers, who in the future, are easily preferred over non-certified candidates for leadership roles.Employers are increasingly realizing the value of certified employees. A common reason, organizations are heading towards workforce certification programs to build credible and efficient workforce.


As described earlier, certifications require candidates to undergo a rigorous process before they could be validated for their skills. This allows candidates to learn, unlearn, and re-learn things related to your area. You will master new competency and be more strategic in your approaches to work. You will be more productive to your organization.

Self- fulfillment

Earning a certification brings a sense of achievement. Certification exams are rigorous and have stringent scoring and qualifying processes. Earning a certificate upon successfully qualifying an exam puts you among top talent, sought by employers.

In a nutshell, certifications lead to personal as well as professional development, resulting in financially rewarding careers. So getting certified soon?

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