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4 Tips on How to Make Your Marijuana Smell Irresistible

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An individual’s perception is tough to change, especially when already the opinion is a personal preference. However, when it comes to the sense of smell and taste, any perception is prone to change and a new preference generated. Similarly, cannabis has several strains, and all come with different aromas that build on their persona, the possibility of higher yields and potency levels, which makes it irresistible.

The first step towards making your marijuana smell irresistible is getting the right marijuana seeds from a reputable cannabis store. As a potential or experienced farmer, it offers the assurance of the final quality of the cannabis plants. Practicing care in your seed selection proves the need to enhance not only the potency but also the flavor and yields.

What determines the cannabis flavors?

The terpenes and other terpenoids present in the marijuana plants are what determine the plant’s fragrance. Terpenes occur naturally in the cannabis plant and offer a diverse range of health benefits to an individual. Enhancing terpene production in the cannabis plant will help in improving the smell.

Terpene production in large quantity comes with exerting stress levels to your plants. However, it should occur progressively to avoid damaging your plants either under low or high-stress cannabis training methods. The measures not only boost terpene and terpenoid production, but they also improve and enhance yields and quality of cannabis produced.

The processes follow different routes. For instance, high stress requires pruning and trimming of different leaves of the cannabis plant. When trimming or pruning the plant, one has to exercise caution to prevent damaging the plant. The process is highly effective once it is successful but also carries considerable risk to your plants.

When it comes to low-stress terpene production, you have to bend the leaves or specific branches without breaking any part of the plant. It prevents the branches from venturing sideways and promotes upward growth for the cannabis plant. Little pressure is advisable when bending to prevent overexerting, which can cause damage to the plants.

Point to note: Make sure you do not come into contact with the cannabis flowers. The flowers are sensitive, and contact may lead to growth disruptions, may affect terpene production, or limit the resulting yields. Also, stressing your cannabis plants should occur over time and not all of a sudden to avoid damaging the plants.

Here are some of the essential tips to follow to ensure your cannabis plants contain irresistible aromas.

1. Use the essential cannabis plants nutrients at your disposal

The nutrients you provide your cannabis plants go a long way to ensuring proper scent and taste. Nutrients promote adequate plant growth from germination to harvesting. They ensure you receive the right yields and develop the best fragrance development.



It is essential to provide adequate nutrients during the vegetative stage, which tends to be the highest feeding time for the cannabis plant. When the plants reach the flowering stage, one has to cut down on the nutrient content. Also, ensure that you give nutrients rich in phosphorus and potassium. Limit the amount of nitrogen the plant access at any given moment.

However, one has to exercise caution when cutting down on the nutrient content. Overdoing it may result in starvation of the plant, which manifests through yellowing of the plant leaves, wilting or droopy leaves, and leaf folds, among others. These nutrients work by altering the cannabis plant smells and enhancing the taste. Also, it increases the size of the cannabis buds.


Today, the cannabis market provides supplements that can help you boost your plants’ fragrance. The alternative to the use of natural nutrients works effectively. The only catch comes with identifying unique supplements from the fakes and using it on your plant. Well, purchase from professional banks or online stores with a good reputation.

Blackstrap molasses is a form of supplement that one can employ. It works well during the flowering stage offering the plants essential amino acids, carbohydrates, and plant minerals. All these play a crucial part in ensuring quality terpene production. All you need to do is add little molasses into a gallon of water and feed it to the plant.

Supplements work well if you put them to use just a short while before you start harvesting marijuana. It will ensure that the plants have adequate time to absorb the nutrients and assimilate them accordingly in enhancing the quality of the plant aroma. Remember, chemicals, even in the form of supplements, can have harmful effects. Be sure to asses and evaluate the chemical content of your supplement before using them.

Organic nutrients

Organic or herbal and other terms that refer to using other plants as nutrient content are what many professionals advocate for. Not only do they have the potential to ensure the best aroma for your cannabis plants, but they also harbor no risk to your health or that of the plants. Some of the organic nutrients you can employ to reach your goals include fish meal, which is an excellent addition to the soil.

Introduce worm casting, which is crucial in aerating and adding nutrients into the soil and promotes cannabis flower terpene production. Add other soil amendments and achieve the desired outcome. An aromatic plant will sell itself, as the quality and aroma are what many individuals seek.

2. Accommodate and promote proper lighting

Light is a crucial commodity and element in the growth of marijuana. It supports different growth processes in plants, and its effects are similar to that of sunshine on the plants. It ensures faster growth, increasing the yields twice as much in comparison to growing outdoors in the sun.



Sunshine is fundamental to the creation of great cannabis flavors. It provides intense UV light essential for the production of great scents. However, growing cannabis outdoors is not a practical option for many. It limits the harvests, and other factors such as pests are hard to control. Therefore, cultivating indoors is more convenient, which equals the need for essential UV-B light.

The UV-B light increases the plant’s ability to produce flowers. The flowers protect against the UV-B light, similar to the way human beings protect themselves against sunshine, preventing scorching and leaf death. UV-B light works perfectly in ensuring the proper growth of cannabis.

Before you decide on cannabis growth, you should invest in the best UV-B light infrastructure. Employ the best LEDs and other sources from which UV light emits for your indoor farm. Also, purchase protective clothing for yourself since you will have to interact with your plants regularly.

HPS growth lights work quite well; UV-B light promotes plant aroma through the trichomes. The trichomes assimilate the light promoting the growth of terpenes and terpenoids; thus, the strong fragrances the plants emit. Besides, proper trichomes growth and production mechanism have the potential to increase potency levels of the final product.

Point to note: Ensure that there’s no glass cover or barrier between the light production and the cannabis plants you are growing indoors. Glass shields the penetration of UV light, which may inhibit the production of terpenes, thus hindering the irresistible smell from developing. Do a thorough check and proceed with your plant growing procedures.

Redbud grow supply can help you to design, and implement any size indoor, or outdoor medical/recreational cannabis or hemp garden.

3. Use cannabis super or living soil for its growth



Plants require access to the right type of soil to ensure maximum growth and yields. Each type of plant is soil specific, and so is the variety of marijuana plants on the market today. Differences in soil composition are what determine the content of each type of plant. As a result, cannabis from different regions has varying strengths in terms of potency, fragrances, and taste.

The right soil composition for cannabis plants comes with the super cannabis soil. You may purchase the soil from industrial hemp farms and other additives or seek professional assistance to turn the soil at your disposal into a living soil for your cannabis plants. Using the residing soil delivers a variety of benefits, including enhanced aromas or smell.

Living soil refers to an enhanced soil structure containing amendments in the form of soil additives. These additives include different supplements and natural components that increase potency and enhance the proper growth of cannabis plants.

You may want to know how these amendments help improve on cannabis flavors!

Well, they contain different nutrient profiles. The nutrients coming into the plant help build a much healthier list of cannabis terpenes. Quality terpenes promote the great smelling combination of different fragrances from single trachoma in the farm. With that, the marijuana plants can invite different potential suitors with their high-end aromas.

The second element that makes living soil essential is the presence of diverse microorganisms. Microorganisms are small living things present in the ground and aid in breaking down different nutrient content in the soil. Also, they aerate the soil providing the perfect environment for plant growth.

They also aid the plant with the intake of nutrients, water, and other soil components that are detrimental to the plant. They help keep the pH balance giving the plant a chance to forge its way through the soil. With the right environment, the plant produces the right terpenoids all through, and thus, the fragrances soar high with each maturing step that the plant takes before harvesting.

4. Practice proper harvesting, drying, and storage

Once the plants are ready for harvesting, it is essential to find the best practices that will help you retain as much plant-associated smell as possible. Practices that are too extreme may end up destroying the fragrances and cannabis potency, while mild ones may result in low-quality produce at the very end. Take your time and don’t rush your trichomes into drying.



Courtesy of Imgur

The right temperatures and humidity levels play a huge role in plant growth. However, they are also crucial in the drying and storage of the fragrant buds. Drying temperatures should not exceed 70 degrees and try not to go below 60 degrees. The low-temperature limit prevents the buds from growing mold, ensuring that the contaminants remain at bay. The high-temperature limit ensures that the process is not too fast, which also carries its dangers.

Properly dried cannabis buds are easy to identify and distinguish from their counterparts. They easily snap with low pressure on them. If you bend the cannabis buds or flowers, and they follow the exerted pressure without snapping, then they require more time to dry completely. If they snap into two with minimal stress, they are ready for storage.


Curing is the next step after drying your cannabis flowers. Curing is a form of aging in which the plants settle for some time before they are ready for consumption. The process aims at preserving and creating irresistible aromas over time. To do so, one requires storing the flowers in airtight jars up to three quarters.

Open and close on a regular interval. Ensure you test the humidity levels of the flower buds inside the jars. If the flowers are no longer independent but stick to the other, then the moisture level is too high, which can destroy the flavors the cannabis holds. To remedy the situation, open the jar for a more extended period with exposure to the sun to allow it to dry further before tightening the lid again. Store for a month or so and your buds will be ready for consumption with a potent and irresistible smell that can engulf a whole room.


The flavor is a preference that determines how well a product sells or keeps customers loyal to it. Therefore, you should practice better growth mechanisms following the above tips. These tips direct on how to grow irresistible fragrances or flavors on your cannabis plants on any given day or opportunity.

To help you out, seek professional cannabis for the right strain of marijuana to grow. Remember that plants have genes that can often prevent any changes from occurring to their structure. Using the correct information and advice from experts might help you modify the overall outcomes of your cannabis plants to a more potent yield with a fantastic smell.

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