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Last Will and Testament: Things to Know and Why You Must Sign It?

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Do you want to ensure that your property is properly distributed after your death to the intended family members, friends or anyone whom you want to leave all or part of the property? With the last will and testament in Alaska, you can ensure this!

When things are normal, and when you are doing well, these things are hardly paid attention to. But with time, when the kids grow up, or there are medical conditions that loom large over health, last will and testament, gains in importance. Without written documentation, you can’t control anything about your hard-earned money or kids or pets.

The document clearly states who gets what is from your estate once you are no more. With it, you can also appoint a legal guardian to care for your kids or the pets.

Who are the Testator and Executor?

In Alaska will forms, the testator is one who writes the will and executor is the one who is responsible for executing the wishes under the laws. If the testator doesn’t appoint executor, the court appoints one.

last will

Other Uses of Will

It gives you the legal right to gift a charity organization. With its use, you can create a trust for your children. There are state laws that allow the use of the will to create a pet trust.

Consequences of Dying Without Will

If you die without any will, you are intestate. Such a condition invokes the strict local laws pertaining to intestacy. It means

Your spouse and children will inherit the property after death.

If there is a spouse or kid, the siblings or grandparents will inherit the property.

The share of relatives depends on how close they were.

As it’s a legal process, it can cause family conflicts and severe their relationships.

The validity of the Last Will and Testament

The testator should be more than 18 yrs. of age and it is an obvious condition. Usually, adolescents don’t need to for last will and testament. It’s too early, and there is a sibling or kid at this age to leave property behind for them.

Are you writing the will with a sound mind? Are you writing a will when you can make a reasonable decision? Your will must not be written under any pressure, and you must not write it when you are under the influence of alcohol.

Who can sign your will? Either you or someone whom you want to! Anyone who is signing the will on your behalf, should do it in your presence and only when you direct him to do so!

The importance of witnesses’ signature on the will can’t be ignored. It ensures that few people know about your will, who are endorsing your final wishes. But the signature of witnesses should come within a stipulated time.

There nothing called verbal will. Unless recorded your last will and testament doesn’t have any significance. So it must be in writing.

Who is going to be the beneficiaries of your estate? The will should name them and must also be very clear with who gets what. In the absence of clarity, there can be interpretation issues leading to legal trouble later on.

In Alaska, holographic wills are valid. It means if you handwriting the will it would be considered as valid. But for validity, the mandatory condition is that the testator should write and sign it.


For the validity of the Last will and testament Alaska, it must be proven in the probate court. It will be an invalid document otherwise!

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